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This is a Palm Harbor Village model center.
Palm Harbor Homes 3337 East Texas St.
Bossier City, LA 71111
(800) 672-0263 - toll free
(318) 747-9700 - phone

From Our Customers

This Model Center is a Customer Satisfaction Superstar

What is a Customer Satisfaction Superstar? Our Customer Satisfaction Superstar designation is awarded to company-owned superstores that have been rated as outstanding in sales, service and overall ownership support for the past year. In a company that is focused on meeting high customer expectations at every level, these particular superstores have been identified as overachievers in the area of customer satisfaction by the people who know them best - their customers!

At Palm Harbor, we are committed to customer satisfaction through each stage of the home buying process. Our friendly, knowledgeable housing consultants are ready to answer your questions and help you build, finance and insure your new home. And Palm Harbor's exclusive Gold Key Care program provides factory-trained technicians to make sure that our homeowners are pleased with their new home at their final inspection. Our service continues after you've moved into your new home. This commitment has paid off. Sixty-one percent of the manufactured homes Palm Harbor provides are the result of a customer referral.

Listen to what a few of our satisfied customers have to say about Palm Harbor Homes:

We Love Our Low Electric Bills!

"Every one else I know, including a friend of mine who lives in a one-year-old doublewide from a different manufacturer a mile from my house, is paying $300 electric bills this summer. But not me! As you can see from my enclosed electric bills, I paid $90.37 in May, $110.62 in June, $151.97 in July and $135.99 in August. I love my Palm Harbor home! Your Bossier City sales team worked so hard to help us keep our land and and get this house. I just can't thank you enough for caring. I tell everyone I know how great our experience was and still is, and I am than happy to tell anyone who is considering Palm Harbor for their new home what a great decision that is!"

Thanks for a Great Home & Great Service

"It has been five years since I bought my Palm Harbor home and I am as happy with it today as the day I bought it.

Before I purchased my home I spent many hours at the Palm Harbor location looking at homes and asking many questions. I also took friends and my son to look at all of them and they too asked questions. I'm sure you got tired of me, but if you did you never showed it. I have never seen anyone who is so helpful and with so much patience. You worked with me all the way to get me into my home and I appreciate all that you did.

I feel very fortunate that of all of the homes out there I chose Palm Harbor. My experience dealing with Palm Harbor in Bossier City was very pleasant and I would, and have, recommend Palm Harbor Homes to everyone who has asked how I like my home. And my electric bill for my 1,600 square foot home in June was $112.18! Amazing!

I feel that the Palm Harbor family is very professional and at the same time make their customers feel at home. This letter is a small way of thanking you.


S. Wright"

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