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Hot Buying Tip  12/02/2015

The Benefits of Homeownership

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Think about it..."Homeownership" We're talking about spending Ten's of Thousand’s of Dollars$$$, and is usually the Biggest Investment we make in our Adult Lives. The key word here is “Investment.” When you make an investment, you usually expect to gain a return, and the # 1 return to Homeownership is avoiding monthly rent. Just $800 a month turns into $9,600 per year and equals out to be a 100% interest rate!  Palm Harbor Homes wants you to know that there are many more benefits that extend far beyond the wallet.

  • Pride of Ownership: While home ownership also helps us meet one of the most basic needs for human survival, “shelter to protect ourselves and our families” - it also provides us with our very own private sanctuary. We have the opportunity to decorate our homes any way we like, to outfit them with gadgets and amenities that make life easier, and even adding that additional family member like a dog or a cat. These are the simple benefits of homeownership that are not always available to renters.
  • Stability: Renters generally have no idea what they'll be paying a few years down the line. Home owners with fixed-rate mortgages, however, essentially have the same payment for the term of the loan. Even those with adjustable rates have a cap and can figure out their maximum potential mortgage payment.
  • Freedom: Speaking up within your home is also much easier when you own it. No need to worry about "the downstairs neighbors complaining you're too loud, or the upstairs neighbor stomping around at 1 a.m.," You pick every paint color and won't get fined for scratches on the wall. The decision-making extends to the yard as well. One word sums up the homeownership benefits: Roots. "You can plant perennials and enjoy them forever. You can plant a tree and watch it grow and grow. You can plant a family and watch it blossom.”
  • Tax Deductions: Tax Benefits of Home Ownership Are Almost Too Good to Be True. The IRS says you can deduct interest in the year that it is paid, and that is usually part of each monthly loan payment. In the early years of a loan, most of your monthly payment is interest and all that interest is deductible, so this can really add up!


Palm Harbor Homes has built 100’s of Thousands of Homes since we opened our doors in 1977, winning multiple awards for Designs, Construction and Energy Efficiency; including winning for the 6th year in a row the prestigious MHI Manufacturer Builder of the Year award in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 & 2015 . Through our affiliates and family of brands, Palm Harbor, Cavco, and Fleetwood Homes builds, sells, helps finance and insures manufactured and modular homes. As the Nation’s Best home builder call or come in today to see if a Palm Harbor Home is the best for you. 505-334-7413 or e-mail the General Manager at



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Ever Been Turned Down for a Home?

Been turned down for a new home lately?

Do you have low or challenged credit? If so, we have information on financing options that may help certain customers qualify with larger down payments*.

Find Your Credit Score & Your Down Payment and Call Us!

  • Under 575 - 35% 
  • 576-599 - 10%
  • 600 plus - 5% 

Call us today at (800)431-0770 for more information on lenders and programs to assist low or challenged credit scores!

*Low and Challenged Credit Score programs offered by outside lenders. Some program qualifications apply. Contact us for lender and program information.

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