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This is a Palm Harbor Village model center.
Palm Harbor Homes 8335 S Shields Blvd
Oklahoma City, OK 73149
(888) 908-8700 - toll free
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From Our Customers

At Palm Harbor, we are committed to customer satisfaction through each stage of the home buying process. Our friendly, knowledgeable housing consultants are ready to answer your questions and help you build, finance and insure your new home. And Palm Harbor's exclusive Gold Key Care program provides factory-trained technicians to make sure that our homeowners are pleased with their new home at their final inspection. Our service continues after you've moved into your new home. This commitment has paid off. Sixty-one percent of the manufactured homes Palm Harbor provides are the result of a customer referral.

Listen to what a few of our satisfied customers have to say about Palm Harbor Homes:

Jeanie M. Says Thanks!

"Hello, Palm Harbor - Oklahoma City. I got home yesterday after being gone all of January. As I walked through my home, I noticed that there was almost no dust. Earlier this year, just as the weather was getting colder (in the mid to low 30's), there was no one here to light the furnace for me, so I got a small oil heater and turned it on high. Within the hour, my entire house was warm and I turned the heat down to low for the night. Thanks you all for building such a tight and energy efficient home."

All Within One Week

"Before we came to Palm Harbor in Oklahoma City, we had an awful experience with another mobile home company for about 1 ½ months. We weren’t planning to stop by Palm Harbor because we thought the homes would be too expensive for us. But finally, we decided, “What do we have to lose?”  Once we got there, we met Nic, the salesman, and he explained everything in detail to us and we were delighted! We told him what we could afford and he showed us several in that price range.

When we got to the last mobile home on his list, we said to him, “Nic, this one is so beautiful that it must be out of our price range!” But Nic assured us that it was in the range we had quoted – and, indeed, it was! We could hardly believe we could own such a beautiful home.

We sat down and did the paperwork - - and it was all done in 3 days and our home is on its way - - All WITHIN ONE WEEK! We love everyone at Palm Harbor in Oklahoma City!"

We Were Delighted!

We weren’t going to stop by Palm Harbor because the homes looked too expensive for us, but we figured that we had nothing to lose, so we did anyway.

We met Nic Criswell and he explained everything in detail to us. We were delighted! We told him what we could afford and he showed us several homes in that price range. When Nic showed us the last home, we said to him, “Now Nic, this one is so beautiful it is way out of our price range.” Nic said “No, this is in the price range you said!” And indeed it was. We could hardly believe it!

Our home is on its way – all within one week! We love the people at Palm Harbor Village in Oklahoma City! Thank you so very much.

Unbelievable Protection!

"We purchased our home in 1999 at Palm Harbor in Oklahoma City. One of the selling points of the house was the fire retardant walls. I never expected them to be put to the test, but, on March 14th after receiving a call from the fire department and being away from our house at the time, we expected to come home to a pile of rubble. The house burned for 1 1/2 to 2 hours before the flames penetrated the roof according to the fire department. We were very impressed to see the house completely intact structurally. The inside of the house was destroyed by smoke damage and fire damage, but the house structure was okay. This is why I'm buying without a doubt, another Palm Harbor home. When they say fire retardant, the truly mean fire retardant.

What also impressed me was the appreciated value. $22,000 in 10 years! This is another reason I'm purchasing a Palm Harbor home.

Todd & family"

Our Dream Home is Complete!

"I just wanted to drop a line to thank you and your sales staff for all the help in getting our new home. Working with our exceptional person has been an awesome experience. Also, the rest of your staff should be commended. Even though I was not 'their' customer, they helped me.

I have been to many stores looking for my home. I was working with a competitor, but after two years and going to two other stores from that company to get the house I wanted, I had almost given up.

I stopped in your store one evening at closing time and toured some houses and we started working. My husband was amazed at how in three days Palm Harbor got more accomplished than two years with others! Our new home is wonderful and everyone that sees it is amazed. Thank you again for making dreams come true!"

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