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Keep Your Palm Harbor Home Anchored With a Strong Foundation



Keep-Your-Palm-Harbor-Home-Anchored-With-a-Strong-FoundationKeep Your Palm Harbor Home Anchored With a Strong Foundation

Palm Harbor Homes are renowned for their superior construction, but no matter how well we build the home itself, it all relies on the foundation. Your home’s foundation is the most important factor in making sure it stands the test of time. Any faults or weak points in the foundation could mean costly repairs and renovations in the future. That is why we make sure to build your home’s support system just as strong as the rest of your home.


Whether you buy a modular or manufactured home from Palm Harbor Homes, you can rest assured that you won’t have to worry about foundation issues. Both types of homes are constructed with such integrity that the base and foundation form a bond designed to withstand gale force winds. While both types of housing use this technique, there is a difference between the foundation supports for each of them.


Since modular homes are created as a permanent structure, they follow more traditional methods of creating a strong foundation. Alternately, manufactured homes are constructed in a manner that makes it easy to transport to another location. While this is helpful if you plan to relocate someday, it means that there are a few more moving parts to consider. Manufactured homes sit on piers like those used in traditional foundations. Unlike a foundation that is entirely entrenched in the ground, piers are placed in specific spots to evenly distribute weight, along with an anchor attached to the I-beam for extra support. If you would like your home to be “ground set” flush with the ground, digging out the foundation area before setting in the piers is an option as well. The good news is that Palm Harbor Homes feature some of the best support systems in the industry.


Something else to consider when setting the foundation for your new Palm Harbor home: What kind of foundation is permitted in the area where you’re building? Again, this is dependent on the type of home (modular or manufactured), as well as local, state, or regional guidelines. Contact your local building authorities as well as any deed covenants. These guidelines are designed to ensure your home is not susceptible to any local/state soil or weather issues.


The foundation of your Palm Harbor home isn’t something you’ll think about every day, but it is what holds up the home where you want to live, work, and relax. Learn more about our building and foundation options by visiting us at To stay up to date with everything else Palm Harbor related, follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

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