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Manufactured Home Lending Resources

Palm Harbor Homes is a retailer of manufactured homes and modular homes. We are not a lender. However, we have worked with many finance companies and mortgage companies over the years, and we are happy to provide the links below for those looking for lenders who specialize in modular home, mobile home and manufactured home lending.

Click the logos to visit licensed lenders' websites:

CountryPlace Mortgage Cascade Financial Services 21st Mortgage Corporation Triad Financial Services San Antonio Federal Credit Union

At Palm Harbor, we are committed to a policy of full compliance with the prevention any violation of the law or the regulations of home financing. When you visit our company-owned stores, our sales associates will assist you in answering questions about the application forms and putting you in contact with licensed professionals who are able to provide specific answers. They will also provide literature from lenders who customarily loan to customers in the local marketplace for housing products. Palm Harbor will work with the lender of your choosing if they meet our funding requirements.