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Palm Harbor Homes, Lang14.com Racing and Mark McGuinn celebrate a great season of Dirt Track racing across Texas and Oklahoma with a tribute song to all things racing РSure Feels Right! - Download Free MP3 Here (5MB).


2015 Season Schedule

Date Location City
3/20/2015 Devils Bowl Mesquite
3/27/2015 Golden Triangle Raceway Beaumont
3/28/2015 Battleground Speedway Highlands
4/4/2015 Petty TX Petty
4/17/2015 Heart O Texas Speedway Waco
4/18/2015 Gator Motorplex Willis
5/16/2015 Lawton Speedway Lawton OK
5/23/2015 Goliad TX Goliad
5/24/2015 Battleground Speedway Highlands
6/13/2015 Devils Bowl Mesquite
6/19/2015 Golden Triangle Raceway Beaumont
6/20/2015 Willis Willis
6/26/2015 Heart O Texas Speedway Waco
6/27/2015 Kilgore Kilgore
7/11/2015 Bronco Cleveland
7/17/2015 Golden Triangle Raceway Beaumont
7/18/2015 Battleground Speedway Highlands
7/25/2015 Bronco Cleveland
8/1/2015 Devils Bowl Mesquite
8/6/2015 Knoxville IA Nationals
8/21/2015 Heart O Texas Speedway Waco
8/22/2015 Paige TX Paige
8/29/2015 Abilene Abilene
9/1/2015 Battleground Speedway Highlands
9/2/2015 Battleground Speedway Highlands
10/10/2015 Kilgore Kilgore
10/16/2015 Devils Bowl Mesquite

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