Day Six – Update on the Van & Mortgage

We need 100,000 people to donate $1.00 in 26 hours

So far, we have raised $17,2100  $21,506.35  $27,020  $32,646   $34,874.

See live streaming video of the current amount raised.

We appreciate every donation and we need more but the last donation we received from Christian Olson, from Cataula, GA was one of the more magical moments on the build site this week. Christian came down to donate because his Dad John Olson works at Jeremy’s middle school. He brought his entire life savings to give toward the family getting a wheel chair accessible van and a mortgage free home . Why so magical? Well, Christian is 3 years old.

Future Extreme Volunteer

The donations are coming in as fast as we can count them. Since I started this article, the amount has gone up $3,000. We need more so keep them coming. WHETHER WE MISS, MEET OR EXCEED OUR GOAL, EVERY PENNY WE RECEIVE WILL GO TO THE FAMILY, PERIOD!!!!!!


  1. Step one: Go to and click the Donate button.
  2. Step Two: Tell all your friends to donate $1.00. Start a chain email. Ask everyone you know to give just one dollar.


Now. The family will be back on Saturday when we give them their keys. We need to reach 100,000 by Saturday morning.

What else?

We will also apply the money to paying off their current mortgage on their land. We want to give them a debt free new home. ALL of the donations Palm Harbor receives will go to the family.


Who do you know that would give a dollar AND tell a friend? Send them the web address and ask them to give a dollar and tell their friends. Put it on Facebook. Tweet the world. Tell your church. Challenge your club members or sorority or fraternity. I’d love to hear from you – tell me how many friends you enlisted to help the Williams family.

What’s Next

We are now 24 hours away from giving the family the keys. The house is nearly ready and it is incredible. The landscaping just started as well as the paving of the driveway. Things happen so fast – I went around back to take pictures, came back to the tent to download them, didn’t like the angle so I went back and there was now a fence built around the entire back yard. What was a dirt driveway 30 minutes ago is now paved. As I type this, the front year is all dirt, in 45 minutes, it will be a lush green yard. When we woke up this morning, the Williams family had a mortgage and no transportation, as I type this, we are 1/3 the way toward giving them a debt free home and a wheelchair accessible van. Amazing day.

Public Viewing

If you would like to attend the build site, there is a Public Viewing Area & VIP Tent. It will be open from 8AM – 8PM through Saturday 2/27. Parking for the shuttles to the site will be at Charles Moultrie Park at 10695 Highway 116, Hamilton, GA 31811 (click for map). No cars will be permitted at the build site. Shuttles only.

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