Final Update – Live on Location

One Last Swing

This will likely be my last update. The home is undergoing the final touches, the crowds are rolling in and it’s almost show time. It’s been a great week to say the least.

Within 4-5 hours the Williams family will be home. I doubt life will ever be the same, for them, for all of us and definitely not for me. One short week ago, I stepped foot on the property and walked every square inch. I’ll never forget the rope swing I saw in the Oak tree in the front of the property.

It was the only “fun” thing I saw on site. I took a picture of it and I’m not even sure why.

A Short Week Ago

I wrapped it up in the top of the tree to preserve it and I’m not even sure why.

Now I know.

Today (Saturday, Feb. 27, 2010)We are at $84,000 and counting. We have a few hours to go and we need one final push. One dollar is all we need – from 16,000 more people. Please take one minute and donate, then take another minute and tell your friends. Two minutes to finalize the dream come true opportunity for a family that deserves it.


  1. Step one: Go to and click the Donate button.
  2. Step Two: Tell all your friends to donate $1.00. Start a chain email. Ask everyone you know to give just one dollar.


Now. The family will be back at 2:00 today when we give them their keys. We need to reach 100,000 by Saturday afternoon.

What else?

We will also apply the money to paying off their current mortgage on their land. We want to give them a debt free new home. ALL of the donations Palm Harbor receives will go to the family.


Who do you know that would give a dollar AND tell a friend? Send them the web address and ask them to give a dollar and tell their friends. Put it on Facebook. Tweet the world. Tell your church. Challenge your club members or sorority or fraternity. I’d love to hear from you – tell me how many friends you enlisted to help the Williams family.

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