Move that Bus-the Song?

Jeremy Williams Inspires A New Hit Song To Be Released Soon

As I write this note, we have exactly 37 days, 13 hours, 37 minutes and 58 seconds until the show Extreme Makeover: Home Edition airs the story of one of the most inspiring families we have ever met. It seems like yesterday that we spent two weeks in rural central Georgia building the Williams family a new home, yet strangely, it also feels like a year ago. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about the entire experience. I miss the work. I miss the volunteers! I even miss being muddy! And I really miss the family! I have a framed picture in my office of the before and after with the rope swing threading thru both pictures – to make sure I never forget!

Our CEO Larry Keener visited the Williams family this weekend. The family is loving life – as you would imagine – despite any health issues that would sideline most of us. Jeremy is still fighting, Jacob is still smiling, Josie is still happy and Jennifer is still, well, she is still amazing! They love their new home and they were as gracious as ever – to allow Larry to visit and spend time with them during their busy weekend with the kids.

I asked Larry to sum up his visit and he said: “I walked away just really blessed and glad I had a chance to meet such a fine family. We didn’t give them a gift, it was the other way around.” What a great reminder of how we all feel!

I also have a reminder on my iPod! Huh? That’s right, Jeremy’s story spread all the way to Nashville and inspired Mark McGuinn to write and record a new song called Move That Bus. You may know Mark from his breakthrough Top Five song Mrs Steven Rudy or his song about 9/11 called More Beautiful Today. I went to high school and college with Mark and he contacted me while we were building the house and the story of the Williams family really moved him – specifically Jeremy. Mark sent me a text message and said: “How someone like Jeremy can feel blessed given the circumstances he is facing is simply awe inspiring. After reading his story, I grabbed my guitar and a few minutes later the song was done!”

I have a demo of the song and wow! I guess I have listened to it 100 times now and it still gives me chills.

He won’t give up so we won’t either
Everybody knows God loves a believer
and believe me he’s gonna see a little help from us
So move that bus

Few of us can relate to the challenges that Jeremy faces everyday. In fact, few of us really understood Lou Gehrig’s disease like we do now. Including Mark. Like most of us, he knew Lou Gehrig was a baseball player who had ALS. But he never really knew what challenges the disease presented. After learning more about it, the lyrics came alive:

Like the Iron Horse
Lou Gehrig said
I’ve had a bad break
But somehow I feel blessed

Mark has decided to use his platform to help spread the word about ALS and when the song is released, he is also giving a portion of the proceeds to research to cure ALS. He debuted the song live in concert Saturday night and it will be released for download in the next few days.

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