Come Help Us Change Lives… Starting With Your Own

As we approach the day we start building our second home for a well deserving family with Extreme Makeover: Home Edition in the Texas Panhandle, I am refusing to lose sight of the ultimate purpose like I almost did during the first build we did earlier this year.  We build thousands of homes every year but with this one, there are a million extra details to handle. We have to order hard hats, we have to set up food tents to feed hundreds of volunteers, we have to organize pep rallies and the list goes on…

But this time, I am staying in the moment and not losing sight of why we are doing what we are doing…’s about changing lives.  Yes we believe we change lives every time we build a home but I am convinced that the lives that change the most during one of these Extreme Makeover builds is the people who volunteer!

I met 1000 people during our last build and I still have hundreds of emails and blogs from them telling me how much the experience meant to them. Here’s a sampling of comments from Volunteers during our first build earlier this year:

There was Lisa Kerley who said: I will say that I have never in my 49 years ever experienced anything quite like this and I have done a lot of volunteer work in my day. Absolutely nothing has touched me the way being a part of this has. I do not know the family and live about 2 hours from the home site but the 3 trips I made down this week to work were well worth it, I would not have traded this week for anything!  Thank you Palm Harbor and Extreme Makeover Home Edition for this project.  I will be watching for more opportunities to participate!  Nothing I did or could have done this week even comes close to what I got out of it!

Neal Wilson said: This is one of my Bucket List items to do. To be able to help EMHE help a family in need.

And Charlotte Gunby said: I am blessed just to have been a part of it this week and it is a blessing that I’ll never forget!!! Thanks for the wonderful memories!!!

And Doreen Dimitri
agreed: I was able to help yesterday and let me say that it was the best experience that I have ever had.

I love what Cindy Stinnette said: It has been such an awesome experience to volunteer for this project and see the Williams’ new home. Thank you so much EMHE and Palm Harbor Homes for choosing this family and Harris County…in the words of Ty Pennington, “Welcome Home Williams Family, Welcome Home!”

You can tell that Patty Hindsman loved the experience: Just got in from volunteering, man what a great feeling. All of the people are so friendly and all of the volunteers that I met were just ecstatic to be there. It is just a great feeling to know that such a wonderful family is getting a truly wonderful home. Our family has been out in full force and have really enjoyed being there and working in any way that they could. Thank-you so much Extreme Makeover and Palm Harbor Homes, they will appreciate everything that you did. I can’t wait to see the show. Hope to be there when they say, “MOVE THAT BUS!”. It’s going to be an awesome show. God bless everyone who had a hand in making this possible.

And maybe the simplest was to express it was by Steve Potts: This is one of the greatest things I have ever been a part of.

We need volunteers to sign up immediately for our next build in the Texas Panhandle.  Simply click here and Register.  Then plan to be at one of the Pep Rallies Monday Nov 8th in Midland TX or Tuesday November 9th in Lubbock, TX .  We need volunteers to register for many different services so we can start planning shifts. Don’t wait, if you are interested in volunteering, do it today because…

Kim Parks unfortunately said: I was so humbled by the outpouring of volunteers….and proud. And I  was amazed that even though I thought I signed up to volunteer rather quickly, I didn’t get a spot!

She missed out because shifts fill up fast!!!