Day Five – The House Is Set!

The House is set, interior work begins soon and landscaping is next.

Three modules of the home and two modules for the garage have been set so now the finish work begins. Paint, landscaping, drywall, trim, stonework and the list goes on. Day five is half way over and we are on a roll.

You can be a part of the Brown family history! As you know, we started a fund for the Browns to help them continue their mission to stop other teens from Texting and Driving. Eleven teens die every day in America from distracted driving and the browns want to tell Alex’ story in every corner of America. You can help make that happen.

We want to ask everyone for at least one dollar. Imagine how many teens the Browns could reach if 100,000 people gave one dollar each. In this age of social media, all it takes is for you to donate and ask all your friends to do the same.

We are going to give the family a banner from this week and EVERY person’s name who donates will be written on the banner. Click here to donate online. Whether you give one dollar or one thousand dollars, we will add your name to the banner. PLUS, you can see it happen on live streaming video along with a real time update on the amount raised.