Day Seven – The House is Almost Done, Now The Best Part

We are ‘Moving That Bus’ and starting a new beginning to the Brown’s mission against Texting and Driving

It seems like just yesterday and somehow it seems like six months ago that we first met the Browns when we surprised them at Seagraves High School with the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition design team. We showed up during one of their presentations they give to teens about the dangers of Texting and Driving. Eleven teens die every day in America from distracted driving and their daughter Alex was one of them a year ago.

The Browns started their own campaign to tell every teen in America about Alex’ tragic death in hopes that other teens won’t die over something as simple as a text message. We want to help them tell their story. They have a flatbed truck with the wrecked truck that they tow around to other schools. We want to fund their mission to make sure every teen in America hears their message.

Again, eleven teens per day die from distracted driving. That ends today!!!!

We just announced a major donation and we need more to grow. Click here to donate online. Give one dollar and tell your friends. We all have cell phones and we all face the risks of distracted driving so we all bear the burden of telling the world not to text and drive.