Hello From Colleen

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Hey, Guys! Well, it’s my first time to come out to the vast, windy plains of West Texas! But no one warned me about the tumbleweed! COMPLETELY VICIOUS!! Take a look at this photo I have to warn you of the tumbleweed dangers in case you are ever out here! This wild thing came out of nowhere and nearly did me in while Tom and Maury just stood there, paralyzed with fear, and did nothing to save me!!! Good thing I can run fast!

Having fun at our second Extreme Makeover build. Wicked cold when we started out this morning, but the Browns are such a great family and I am so glad we are finally MOVING forward with this build for them! We surprised them this morning and then sent them off to New York while we rebuild their house and set up a fund to help raise awareness for not texting while driving, which killed their 17-year old daughter one year ago on December 1. Such a tragic loss!

Cannot wait to see the house delivered on Wednesday and Thursday! I hear the Ft. Worth team has done an amazing job! Once again, it is great to be part of something great with some REALLY great people. C’mon out to Wellman and watch us! We’d love to see you there!

And thanks to everyone who is donating to the Brown Foundation!!!! Love watching the Texas people do what Texas people do: Take care of their neighbors! Your donations will make it possible for them to travel further, more often to tell their story to help save lives! Check back soon!