19 Days 14 Hours 23 Minutes and 12 Seconds Until Extreme Makeover Airs

But who’s counting? Well, we are 🙂

As you may know, Palm Harbor Homes built a second home with Extreme Makeover: Home Edition for the Brown family in West Texas in mid November. We are now inside three weeks from when the episode airs on January 30th at 8:00 PM Eastern (7:00 PM Central) as a special two hour episode.

The Brown Family
The Brown Family View On Flickr

It seems like just yesterday that we met the Brown family of Wellman TX and to say that Jeanne, Johnny Mac and Katrina Brown captured our hearts would be a huge understatement. We never had a chance to meet their daughter Alex but we got to know her through her friends and family and even from strangers who had also grown to love her because of what her life meant to others both before and after her death.

Alex died while texting and driving. Sadly, eleven other teens died that day across America – and the next day and the next……eleven teens die every day from distracted driving. The Browns tell us that Alex’ dream was to change the world. They never imagined the circumstances but she is saving lives now!

Remember Alex Brown

Alex's wrecked truck
Alex’s wrecked truck View On Flickr

The Browns started a crusade immediately after Alex’ death by traveling to nearby schools with Alex’ wrecked truck in tow, telling teens about the dangers of texting and driving. We were fortunate enough to see their presentation to about 600 teenagers the day we surprised them with the entire Extreme Makeover Design team. It became real clear real fast how important their work is when we saw 600 teens commit to never text and drive on the very roads where our families would be driving.

So Palm Harbor Homes joined the crusade and it actually became the focus of the build week, way more important than the house we were building. Our entire team had to come to terms with the fact that we also faced the risks of texting and driving every single day and we all signed the pledge and promised not to ever do it.

We started a fundraising campaign to help the Browns with their mission and we plan to continue for as long as there are people on the road texting and driving who need to hear Alex’ story. We want to help the Browns spread their message across the country in all 50 states. All they really need are two things: money and invitations.

It works out to about one dollar per person that they can reach.

So in a couple of weeks, we want to hit the road with them and raise awareness about the dangers of texting and driving. Would you be willing to help their mission? Whether you can give one dollar or one thousand or any amount in between, please consider joining the cause. You can click here and give any amount.

If it costs the Browns on average one dollar per person that they reach with the story of Alex’ death, how many people can you “sponsor” to hear about the dangers of texting and driving. It is a growing problem as more and more people feel compelled to send messages while driving. Recent studies suggest it’s more dangerous than drinking and driving.

Remember Alex Brown Tour January 24-30

During the week of January 24th thru the 30th, we are planning a tour with the Browns to raise awareness for the Remember Alex Brown Foundation – which exists solely for the purpose of telling everyone about the dangers of texting and driving. We will hit as many cities as possible.

Song for Alex called ‘Til You Got Home by Nashville Recording Artist Mark McGuinn

Nashville recording artist Mark McGuinn has written a song for Alex called ‘Til You Got Home. It has not yet been released but everyone who sponsors the Remember Alex Brown Tour will receive a free download of the song. Simply donate and we will email you a free download of the song which is not yet available to the general public. Again, give any amount you can afford to give and you will receive the song.

We will be releasing tour dates soon.