“Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” Daily Update Sunday, February 21, 2010

Palm Harbor Homes, Nationwide Homes and ABC’s “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” Meet the Williams Family

Palm Harbor Homes, Inc. (NASDAQ:PHHM) and its wholly-owned modular subsidiary, Nationwide Homes, Inc. (“Nationwide”) today announced that they joined ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition in Pine Mountain Valley, Georgia, to surprise Jeremy and Jennifer Williams, whose son Jacob was diagnosed with Spina Bifida before he was born. Then, several years after Jacob’s birth, Jeremy was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s Disease.  Now, the home Jeremy and Jennifer bought 13 years ago is falling apart around them. In addition to mounting home repairs, the home is too small to accommodate two disabled family members. In just seven days, team leader Ty Pennington, the design team, Palm Harbor and Nationwide Homes, and the entire community will come together to build Jeremy, 38, Jennifer, 38, Josie, 8, and Jacob, 6, a brand new, energy efficient home

EVENTS SCHEDULED FROM: February 21-27, 2010

LOCATION: 15320 Highway 116, Pine Mountain Valley, GA 31823 (directions, media instructions, parking and additional information available from media contact, Courtney McGarry)


10:50 AM: Surprised the Williams Family with the “Door Knock”

The build site will be active 24/7 until the new home is revealed next Saturday. We will welcome the media to a Family Press Conference that will occur on site for family interviews, Sunday February 28, 2010.We will email you daily updates and schedules of notable events. The public is encouraged to come down and watch.

The design team for this episode of “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” will feature team leader Ty Pennington and designers Paul DiMeo, Michael Moloney and Tracy Hutson.

The episode “Williams Family” will air during the 2010 season. 

Valid media credentials are required.  Requests for LIVE televisions broadcasts must be approved in advance.

Community Outpouring Fills All Volunteer Slots for Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

Thanks to the overwhelming response from people in local Georgia communities, Nationwide Homes and Palm Harbor Homes have filled all the time slots for volunteers who have offered their assistance during the homebuilding for the deserving West Central Georgia family next week. Over 1,574 volunteers and numerous groups have offered their assistance during the build. The teams from Nationwide, Palm Harbor and Extreme Makeover want to thank everyone who has so graciously offered to assist in the build.

The public, however, is welcome to come out (based on capacity) to support and cheer on the thousands of workers, subcontractors, trades and volunteers as they work with Ty Pennington, and the show’s design team to build the West Central Georgia family a new home in just 106 hours.

“Thank you, West Central Georgia.  Your support for this build has been overwhelming.  You should all be proud of the community spirit that is so evident,” said Dan Goodin, VP of Sales & Marketing of Nationwide Homes – builder for the week-long Extreme build. “At this time, we have met and exceeded our goals for volunteers and skilled labor.” 

Those volunteers who have been selected will receive notification of their assigned time slot, directions and release forms.

“Please check back every day at www.palmharbor.com/extremephn/, as we might post needs that arise as we get closer to the build.  We still have a long list of Interior/Design Needs that can be found by clicking here.  You can also still be involved by making a financial donation online for the family at www.palmharbor.com/extremephn/.  Additionally, watch the site as we announce related charitable events in the coming days for the community,” added Dan Goodin.

Extreme Makeover Volunteer Pep Rally Report

What a GREAT morning!  We just completed our first Nationwide and Palm Harbor Homes Pep Rally for the Extreme Makeover Volunteers in the Central Georgia Community.  What a GREAT group of people we get to work with!

Dan Goodin , Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Nationwide Homes,  kicked it off by explaining how we became involved as well as some logistics for the next few days.  Then I  (Maury Kennedy, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Palm Harbor Homes) reminded everyone the real reason all of this is taking place. It’s not for the cameras or TV ratings or Hollywood heros.  This is all about a deserving family in desperate need of a better place to call home.  I started by reminding the man in the mirror (ME!) because I have had a tendency to forget.  It becomes such an overwhelming “job” to plan and coordinate all the moving parts that I almost lost sight of the real meaning.   My 10 year old son Reece reminded me that it’s about helping a family in need.  Of course, I couldn’t leave without also bragging about being a true Braves fan and the only member of the team to have ever eaten a hot dog at Varsity (I lived in the Atlanta area for five years right out of college – good to be back).

Then the Senior Producer Milan Vassic told the history of Extreme Makeover Home Edition and explained that their process of building a home is done in just 104 hours!  It is TRULY an around the clock endeavor – from start to finish.  The perception of some people is that because it is such a large television production backed by ABC, a huge television network partnering up with a large homebuilder that all of this is easy to plan, coordinate and complete.  The truth I learned at this Pep Rally is that this entire event is ONLY possible thru the help and support and HARD WORK of the volunteers!  Without them, This amazing home gift simply will not happen.

We need skilled labor but we also need people who are just willing to do anything that needs to be done.   We need donations but we also need people wanting to get their hands dirty.  We need people who love the show but we also need people who simply want to help a deserving family.  We need people who live in the area but we also need people who are willing to travel.  Basically, we need anybody and everybody willing to do the hard work of charity – work that rewards way beyond any other type of work. 

So – grab a hammer, lace up your workboots (or buy some. I got mine at WalMart for $20) and head to central Georgia for a life-changing experience – for you and for the recipient family.  And if you work really, really hard, I highly recomend rewarding yourself with one chili dog at Varsity on the way home 🙂

“Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” Daily Update – Monday, February 15, 2010

Nationwide Custom Homes and Palm Harbor Homes Host
Pep Rally for Extreme Makeover Volunteers and Community

WHAT: On Tuesday, February 16, a pep rally will be held for all volunteers of the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition build and the local community at Columbus Convention & Trade Center in Columbus.

WHO: Dan Goodin, VP of Sales & Marketing of Nationwide Custom Homes – builder for the week-long Extreme build; all designated volunteers, and special appearances by Milan Vasic, senior producer of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

WHEN: Tuesday, February 16, 2010, 8:00 AM

WHERE: Columbus Convention & Trade Center — Iron Works Convention Center

801 Front Avenue, Columbus, GA  31901

WHY: The event will rally all volunteers of West Central Georgia’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition build to inspire and share information.  The build has had a tremendous response from the community and has received more than 676 volunteer signups.

To make a donation toward the build, please visit http://www.nationwide-homes.com/extreme/donations.cfm.  An account has been set up with PayPal to ensure safe, direct donations.

Build Schedule:

February 21: Family is notified, also known as the “Door Knock” and Braveheart Walk, also known as the kickoff of the build

February 27: House Reveal, also known as the time for “Move that Bus!”

February 28: Family Press Conference

NOTE TO MEDIA: Individual interviews with Nationwide Custom Homes and Palm Harbor Homes and special guests can be scheduled before and after the pep rally.  Please contact Courtney McGarry to schedule interview times.  Additionally, all video crews and photographers are welcomed.

Update: February 11, 2010

Yesterday, crews from the ABC-TV program Extreme Makeover: Home Edition filmed part of the show in the Nationwide Custom Homes plant in Martinsville, Virginia.  At the plant for almost five hours, the Nationwide associates who donated their labor wore the official blue Extreme Makeover T-shirts as they constructing the sections of the house with camera crews in tow.   Click here for video

Volunteer Information

Thanks to the overwhelming response from people in local communities, 397 volunteers and numerous groups have offered their assistance during the homebuilding for the deserving Georgia family.

Nationwide Custom Homes are still seeking volunteers for the build.  All individuals interested in participating can visit the build’s website for more information.

Those volunteers who have been selected will receive notification of their assigned time slot, at a later date – directions and release forms.