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If you are a volunteer, a friend of the family, a fan of the show, a sponsor or have anything you would like to contribute, we would love to hear from you!!  This is a great place to let the world know you support this great family and Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.

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  1. David Hyler says:

    I am glad that Nationwide saw the need to take on this project. It feels good to do something for someone else, even when you may never meet them. I am glad to have just a small part in this effort. Good Luck Williams Family, enjoy your new home.

  2. Shirley Goodman says:

    Thank you all so much for helping this family. My son attended and my daughter will attend GHS and are both part of the GHS Marching Band. We have all witnessed Coach Williams and his family’s dedication to the GHS football team and school! They have been such a great example to us all. Thanks again EMHE and all involved for helping this wonderful deserving family!

  3. Alisha Duke says:

    God Bless Extreme Makeover for doing this for such a loving family. I can’t think of anyone else that deserves this more than them. They have given so much to our community. Jennifer is one of the strongest women I know and I admire her for her strength and faith. She is truely an inspiration to us all and a true role model as well as Jeremy (whom never gives up). The children are very loving and a joy to us here at Park Elementary. We (here in Mrs. McKibben’s Room at Park) are willing to help in anyway that we can with this makeover.Our love goes out to this family!!! GOD BLESS all of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Steven Ashley says:

    Although Jeremy and I attended Kendrick High school I hate we don’t know each other. It’s awesome that you are receiving this blessing. I wish I had been picked to help. I’m also ashamed to know that some one in our community needed us and we didn’t know. God Bless all of you guys. I’m Proud For You!!!

  5. Carol Lane says:

    Thank you so much for selecting the William’s family. This is the most deserving family. They are filled with a strong and unwavering faith in God, and love. Together as a family, they have taught many of us how to deal with adversity with a positive attitude and how to go on living no matter what. Coach is such a father figure to many of his players and is a true inspiration to all who know him. Thank you again for helping this most gracious family.

  6. J Daoust says:

    My prayers are with this family as I do not know them but they are part of our community as I am in Columbus…wish I could of been part of this as this is a tremendous opportunity to give back to a family that has selflessly gave of themselves now it is our chance to do so. And I see others such as Dianne Miller from TSYS is a part of this I chear her and the rest on to accomplish this. Thank you TY Pennington for being who you and your wonderful crew are at EHME…….God Bless



  8. Jean Rowe says:

    Extreme Makeover is such a wonderful show!. Not only does it do amazing things for people, but it encourages others to also contribute in the giving. Even the tiny gifts of giving are appreciated. Thanks for all that you do.

  9. Lois Pope says:

    This couldn’t have happened to a more deserving family. The Lord has truly blessed them in many ways. I’ve known this family for a few years and the joy and delight that they express to everyone they come in contact is overwhelming. I’ve never seen a more radiant family,and I know it’s all because of the love of the Lord Jesus Christ in their lives. Praise the Lord for their faithfulness!!

  10. Edwina Coates says:

    I watch your show all the time and thank God for all of you and the passion that you have to fill the needs of very unfortunate people who have so many things going on in their lives, not by choice. God is going to bless each of you for all the times that you have been such a blessing to others. God bless you as you work this week here in my home town.

  11. Angie Maldonado says:

    It is so beautiful to see a family who touches and blesses the lives of others be rewarded. God is good! Congratulations Williams family!

  12. Please let me know, if there is anything we can do to help.
    Thank You,
    Jeanie Hinson Bross
    Hinson Galleries, Inc.
    Columbus, Georgia

  13. michelle weinle says:

    I would like to say i am a huge fan of the show and would love to come out and volunteer, but i work from 9 to 6 and have 2 kids i have to take care of. I would like to say congrats to the family and it sounds like you could really use this new house. I think i will definatly take my webelos cub scout son out to see what it take to build a house in 7 days and hope that he can learn something from all the volunteers that are helping out.

  14. ** So eXciTeD ! for the Williams family ! **
    ** hArRis CoUnTy RaWkS !! **
    Thank you Palm Harbor Homes and EMHE for giving us the opportunity to make a difference.

    Many Blessings,
    Shelly Forman
    Green Alliance LLC
    Spray Foam Insulation
    and Coating Technologies

  15. Jim Hall says:

    Congratulations Jeremy and to your family! You are certainly an inspiration to many, and you are a very deserving family! Thank you goes out to Extreme Makeover Team and volunteers.

  16. Shelee McCorkle says:

    Congratulations Jeremy, Jennifer, Josie, and Jacob!! I was praying you would be chosen because you are so deserving of this opportunity! You truly have inspired people that you don’t even know personally. My husband, Richard McCorkle, is a football coach at Marion County high school and we played yall (Greenville) in our last game. The Buena Vista community respects you and all that you do Jeremy! Despite all of the hardships you and your family is going through, you continually put all that you have into what you love doing…coaching and teaching! Greenville players/school/community are so lucky to have you as their coach! Enjoy your new home and God bless!!

  17. William and Wendy Powell says:

    We are excited that a hometown family who really needs some help will be given this awesome gift! We have both volunteered to help and look forward to heraing from the Extreme Makeover Production people. God bless you and God bless America!!!

  18. Patty Hindsman says:

    Now that I know for sure that it is Jeremy and Jennifer, I am really excited. Josie was in my class and her parents were always so supportive of anything and everything that we needed for our class and the school for that fact. When little Jacob would come down with mom to the room, his smile would melt your heart. I am truly happy for them. Jennifer always had a smile on her face too. I hope you guys have a great time on your well deserved vacation. Again, if any time comes available next weekend, I would love to help out. Thanks again for all you do for so many people. God bless! 

  19. Bob & Dixie Dorman says:

    What a deserving family. A Christian mother and dad and Jermey was a great witness for God in our 3 sons lives when they played football at MHS under him. He started FCA and did great things in so many kids lives while at MHS. GOD called him to Greenville Hi with a purpose and he took the challenge and ran with it.

  20. Kim Watson says:

    I am thrilled that the Williams family will be receiving the makeover. They are the most selfless, compassionate people I know. They deserve nothing but wonderful things to come their way. Jeremy’s faith and positive attitude inspires me as I am sure it inspires others. This could not happen to a more deserving family.

  21. Pam Cone says:

    I am beyond excited for Jeremy, Jennifer, Josie & Jacob!! We are friends from church and working at their place this week. I hope the Extreme Makeover people really get a glimpse of the depth of character in this family. Their joyous spirit is usually what “touches” people when they first meet them. Through incredibly difficult circumstances, it is evident that “the joy of the LORD is their strength”. That would not have changed even if they had not won this home. But thankfully, God in His providencial care, saw fit to bless them in this way. We are all so happy for you, dear Williams family; and, grateful to all the many people who have made this possible.
    Pam & Terry Cone

  22. Cam Lummus says:

    God bless all of you! My father had a muscular disease and I know the hard times you are facing. Here’ s hoping your dreams come true.

  23. Raquel Neal says:

    WOW! It is so wonderful to finally know the history behind this family. It makes me even more ready to get started! Praise God for rewarding HIS people!Williams family….it is an honor to serve you!

  24. Tracy Hayes says:

    I’m so happy thatJeremy and his family got a ticket for a ride on your bus. They do so much for so many people and never expect anything in return. It’s great to know their generosity and compassion is circling back to them.It would be almost impossible to find a more desreving famliy.

  25. Amber Cahoon Richter says:

    I’m so blessed and honored to have Jenny, Jeremy, Josie, and Jacob as part of my family! Thank you Extreme Makeover for choosing them, and thank you to the thousands of volunteers! Now if only I could volunteer to help out!!! The list is full and I’m traveling from Ft. Knox to help! If anyone can help, please let me know!

  26. Page Flynn says:

    I have never seen Harris County come together like it has for this much deserving family. I am excited to be a part of this makeover as a volunteer and also as my husband’s company is donating and planting some trees. Williams family, I hope you have a great vacation in Colorado and I will miss seeing Josie and Jacob at Park Elementary next week.

  27. Jeanie Jaworski says:

    I am so excited about the makeover. Your love for our God has blessed you and your family in many ways and I know that this is happening because of your love and obedience. Praise God!

  28. Eli Spears says:

    Jacob, I am so excited about your new home! That is so cool! I will miss you in class this week, but hope you have a good time on vacation! Love Eli

  29. clarann williams says:

    I am Clarann Williams and I am Jeremy and Jenifer Williams neice and Josie and Jacobs cousin.This family yall have chosen are AMAZING in every possible way.Even tho i am not old enough to voleenteer i am only 16 but i am in cheering and praying and praying them and yall in spirit every minute.I LOVE HEM SOO MUCH! and THANK yall for making there life eseir and better.THANK YOU! AND GOD BLESS

  30. Debbie Samra says:

    I am so happy that Jacob and his family have been chosen for the build..Jacob is a very sweet boy that goes to school with my daughter. I hope they have a great time in Crested Butte, Colorado and hope that they have a great house to come back to.

  31. Beth Waddell says:

    Congratulations to Jeremy and Jennifer and their precious children!!! Coach Williams and his wife were both a big inspiration to my sons when they were at Manchester High School in the late 1990’s. I can not think of a more deserving family to recieve this honor! They have touched the lives of so… many people in ours and the surrounding communities! What a blessing Extreme Makeover: Home Edition will be to them!

  32. Chris Owen says:

    So incredibly excited! The Williams family are such dear people who inspire others even in the face of their own hardships. I’m on the standby list of volunteers, and hope to be able to help. God bless the Williams family, and all who are involved.

  33. Frances Brown says:

    I am so thrilled for this very deserving family. They are friends of my daughter and son in law and after reading of their winning the makeover, I am simply overwhelmed. They are such an inspiration to so many others.

  34. Ryer Warrior says:

    I want to say that I am so happy for this family. They are so deserving of this wonderful blessing! The have touched the souls and hearts of many around them. Words just cannot describe how happy I am for them. We love you Coach and Mrs. Williams and family!!♥♥♥

  35. My company, Coleman American Allied is moving and storing the family’s Household Goods while the project is occuring. I had many of my employees volunteer their time to help this family. We will be there this afternoon to pack and load everything out of the house before it gets demolished. If you are one of the volunteers who will be assisting us today, I thank you for your support. This is a very deserving family! Our community has shown such suport for this project it proves that we all live in an area that has hope and faith in the greater good of our fellow man! I know that we all have only a small part in the overall project but lets all do the best we can and be safe while we do it. You have to love the support of each other that the folks from EMHE bring out in the communites that they travel to. God Bless America!!!!!!

  36. kristy stephens says:

    Praying for the family in west ga and all of the volunteers helping. This is an awesome project and hope in continues!

  37. David Brookins says:

    Andy, I spoke with you at the pep rally. I am co-owner of Chattahoochee Window Works and volunteered the use of one of our 24 ft. box trucks. I also have volunteered to do any wood working needs. I have not heard anything back about either. The email that was used is a work address. Would like to know so I can prepare. Will volunteers be at the announcement on Sunday? Look forward to hearing from you soon. David

  38. Pati Hensley says:

    God Bless you all!! I have relocated from Marietta, GA for the week to volunteer when and where I may be needed. Thank you for this opportunit to help someone else!!

  39. Terry Love says:

    I love the show and what it does for people. I help with different groups in raising funds and teaching kids. I own a pizza shop and cater bbq. I will be glad to supply some food to the group. God bless Ty, Staff and all volunteers for your time and help with this build.

  40. Nancy Abney says:

    We are on the back up list and so hope we are called on to work. One member of the family that is in top 5 works with me on Tue & I’ve known her since she was 12. This family is so deserving and it will make a huge difference in their lives.

  41. I just heard of the show being in our area. We own a propane gas company I would be honored if we were selected to participate in the build. Our prayers are with the family and volunteers.

  42. Patty Hindsman says:

    I am so excited for this family. They are such wonderful people. I teach at the school where the children attend. I wish I had heard sooner, I would have loved to help out. If something comes available please let me know. I can work on Feb. 27 or 28. God bless all of you for what you do. I hope to be there when they MOVE THAT BUS. I can’t wait to see their faces.

  43. Tina Williams says:

    This is such a wonderful opportunity for our communities. So many people have stepped up to help out. I love the show and what it stands for. Thanks so much Extreme Makeover Home Edition, all your staff and volunteers. May god bless each of you!

  44. SAMA DUFF says:

    What a great opportunity. We are supplying many items for the production team and have helped them make contacts here in the community. It’s been such a great group of people to work with. Thanks for coming to our area!!

  45. Kara DeWeese says:

    I just found out about my favorite show coming near by. One of the families a co-worker knows well and asked for prayer for the family today. I wish I would have known sooner. I sent a volunteer app just incase I can be of some help. I will be in prayer for the entire function. Obtw….Ty your such a doll!

  46. I’m “on the bus”! I just got my email confirmation that I’ve been selected as a volunteer. I’m so excited to be able to have a small part of this amazing project! Thank you Extreme Makeover Home Edition for allowing our community to take part in helping one of our own! Columbus will show how much we care.

  47. Angela Y. Jackson says:

    Congratulations to the Williams family. I was the principal at Josie and Jacobs school for 8 years, until this year. What a wonderfully deserving family. =) I have never seen such a positive loving family even through all of the tribulations. My daughter, who is 20 LOVES Jacob, and he use to call her his “girlfriend”. She would volunteer at the school alot and loved him too! (She is trying to get to volunteer, but no more are needed, presently. I have always loved Extreme Makeover, but NOW love it even MORE!!!! God Bless you All!!!

  48. Jessica McRae says:

    My husband and I know one of the families in the “top five finalists”. There is not another family that deserves this new home more than them. Their story has and will continue to change lives!!! We were actually disappointed that they are not taking any more volunteers- we wanted to help so much! Hopefully, we will be able to get involved in some way! May God bless all of you who have been so willing to give of your time and talents to help people! God answers prayers!!!!

  49. Tim Hayes says:

    Will be willing to help out. I coached baseball for Jeremy last year and have refereed football games for the school for years. Anything that you need I will be willing to do.

  50. McKenzie says:

    i am only a young girl still in grade school yet i am a huge fan of your show i really appreciate what you are doin for everyone when i heard that y’all were coming to georgia i was more than welcome to help but unfortunately i have to go to school but i probably will donate if mom lets me anyways i wish i could find a way that i can actually volunteer in person

    Your Viewer,
    P.S i love you all i wish i could meet you