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If you are a volunteer, a friend of the family, a fan of the show, a sponsor or have anything you would like to contribute, we would love to hear from you!!  This is a great place to let the world know you support this great family and Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.

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  1. Patrick & Amy Jansen says:

    Our prayers and thoughts are with you and your family. Your old college buddies from the University of Memphis. Take care and may God bless you and your family.. Many best wishes.

  2. Peggy Jones says:

    We will continue to pray for the Williams’ family. We hope that this new home will lift many burdens from them and comfort them as well. We look forward t seeing it on television as well

  3. Christina Hale says:

    I am so excited for the William’s family! I work at Nationwide Homes in Martinsville and I am so happy that our company got the opportunity to be part of the blessing that this family will receive. I’ve read all the posts and will continue to read them. It warms my heart to see their community be so supportive of them. It is very obvious that they are very much loved and respected. I pray that God continues to bless them every day and continues to use them to bless others. I wish I could have met you personally William’s family! Enjoy your new home!

  4. patty rocque says:

    good luck guys. my best wishes

  5. Debbie Jackson says:

    Thank you to the staff of Extreme Homemaker and to all of the volunteers that have made this dream come true for such a deserving family. My heart goes out to the Williams’ Family and I am sure that this new home will take alot of the burden off of them thru the coming years. I love the show and am glad to see that they were able to come to our area to help the Williams’ Family. I look forward to seeing the show on TV.

  6. Dawn Dorrill says:

    My heart is touched. Even though I couldn’t volunteer I appreciate the ability to be able to donate to this cause. May God Bless the Williams Family and those that made this possible.

  7. Sabrina Gonzalez says:

    I just want to say thanks to everyone who is involved in this project. This family was in need of this. Now if you have not already done so, go on and donate a few dollars to help get The Williams family the van they need. Lots of Love out there for this family.

  8. Christine Crawford says:

    Thank you to everyone involved with bringing such a wonderful gift to a very derserving family. Jeremy, Jennifer, Josie and Jacob….. Welcome Home!

  9. Maria A. Gonzalez says:

    I don’t know the family but from reading their story I think they are very deserving of this beautiful opportunity. May they continue to be blessed. May God also bless all those sponsors, volunteers,and donaters of this wonderful program you have and I enjoy watching.

  10. Deborah says:

    Your organization does so much good for deserving families. I am thankful that God has blessed a family in our beautiful county with your generosity. I do not know Jeremy & Jennifer personnally
    but I know they come from a wonderful family and I feel they are most grateful for all that you have done .Thank you Extreme Home Makeover for helping this family in their time of need.

  11. Cathy Williams says:

    I am amazed at the way that God has opened the floodgates of heaven to bless His children. Nothing takes God by surprise. He has masterfully orchestrated this time in Jennifer and Jeremy’s lives to shower them with blessing to show His love for them. Thank you Extreme Makeover for being the vessels that God used to meet the needs in this precious family’s lives. God is SO good!!!!

  12. Sarah Smith says:

    I just want to say that I am very HAPPY for the Williams family. May you enjoy your blessing.

  13. Guy Johnson says:

    Im glad someone is helping this family i dont know them personally but i have met the dad about 3 or 4 years ago after they beat us in football for our opening game. i give everyone respect, and pray for the family to get threw these hard times.

  14. Ann Ladd says:

    Thank you all for all the wonderful things you are doing for the Williams’ family. My husband died of ALS 11 years ago. I have known Jeremy for a good number of years. I have had the privilege to be able to talk with him many times and able to share my story to him. He shares his story with me and we keep up-to-date when see each other. I work for the MCSS so I am one of the many who are able to watch him, talk to him, and share with him our Christian faith. He is such an inspiration to all that meet him. God put this young man and his family in our lives for a reason, and if you do not know God, you will when you meet him and hear his testimony. They are such a deserving family and it is so appreciate what everyone is doing – donations, time, items, and especially all the love that is being shown to this wonderful family. Praise the Lord!

  15. William E. Miller Jr. says:

    This is a dual blessing for me. To read the touching developments of the Williams family, most deserving and willing to continue their pursuit of a better life for each other, Second, as a former builder for Nationwide Homes on the Ms. gulf coast, I am proud of their commitment to help this deserving family. Wish I could be their to “help move the bus”

  16. lisa says:

    What a Blessing from God that this family is receiving. It proves that if you are a Christian and you have the faith that God is creator of all and his gives you no more than you can handle he will guide you through whatever troubles bestowed upon you. Thank you to Extreme Makeover for giving this family such a wonderful place to call home and taking care of a much deserving family. The Field House is great, He will love it. Thank you so much for all that you do and having a vision to Help those who truly deserve it.

  17. Tiffany Dozier says:

    What a blessing for such a wonderful family! We are so excited for the J’s. The Williams family is such an inspiration to us. Throughout their trials, their faith and love for the Lord remains strong. Praise God, such a testimony!

  18. troy burgess says:


  19. Sheila says:

    I do not know this family personally, but I know the Lord is blessing them. I have been to the building site twice this week and hopefully will be there Sat. when the family arrives to see their new home. It is a beautiful home! All the volunteers are working extremely hard to finish this house. Thanks to everyone who is doing their part to help! God will bless you also.

  20. Erika (Whiddon) Kight says:

    Jeremy and Jennifer, we are so excited for you and your whole family. You’ve all been in our prayers and thoughts. Your story has been talked about several times in our church here in Homerville,Ga. The Whiddon family is always eager to hear how the Williams are doing. Nothing but GOOD things are always said about you when your name is mentioned. Your testimony has touched so many people. God is good and faithful and your testimony has proven that. May God continue to bless all of you! We are so excited for you all! Much love from South Georiga!

  21. I am sooo stoked about what you guys have done for the Williams family and for our community..I am a pamperedchef team leader and i have bought over 750.00 in prodcuts just to donate to their kitchen!! I just had to help in some way and my pamperedchef prodcuts will help make life in the kitchen easier for them as well! Yall are awesome and i sitll can’t belive that all this is happening..God is awesome and i know that this is a gift from him! Thank you Extreme Home Makeover!

  22. Colleen says:

    Hello, Dianne! At this point, it is a bit of a moving target – looks like 2:00-ish, but that is not set in stone ANYWHERE!!! But what is a sure bet is that the place is going to be packed, so if you want to get to see, come early. Another sure bet is to help the Williams’ family get a handicapped accessible vehicle! We are asking everyone to donate $1.00 at the DONATE NOW button on this site in the next 24 hours – so please pass this word along!!! We also want to help them pay off their mortgage, so don’t be afraid to give too much 🙂 Every penny received will go to help this family! Hope to see you on the site – Look for the Big Blue Donation buckets 🙂

  23. Dianne Miller says:

    Will the time be announced for the big reveal. How can I be there when they “Move that bus”. It would really mean a lot to be there and see the family as they are introduced to their new handicap enabled home. Thanks for all your are doing for them.

  24. Colleen says:

    Steph – YES! Children are definitely allowed at the public viewing if accompanied by an adult! And they can also donate $1.00 to help us buy the Williams family a handicapped accessible van so they can be involved in helping others – Just look for the big donation buckets! Thanks for asking and we look forward to seeing you there!


    Way to help out palm harbor homes team !!! im so proud to work for a company that cares this much 🙂

  26. Alison Holmes says:

    I just wanted to say that I think this is a wonderful show and organization! I can’t watch the show without shedding a tear. Helping this family in Pine Mountain Valley has made it a “real” experience. Thanks to all who support this cause.

  27. david carwell says:

    I am a huge fan of the show and we watch it every ‘sunday. It was a great experience to see all the work that is done in person.It is a tremendous thing the show is doing.

  28. Kim Cahoon says:

    This is truly one of the most precious, genuinely loving families I have ever known. They love the Lord with all their hearts and are always thinking more of others than themselves. Definitely deserve this wonderful gift they are going to receive.

  29. Victoria Pyles says:

    I worked with Jeremy when he first came to Greenville High School. He was immediately brought into the GHS sports family. I remember praying for his yet to be born son and how strong he and his wife were. These are exceptionally special people and will always be in the hearts of not only Greenville, GA but anyone who has ever had the honor of meeting them. Although I no longer work with him, he is an inspiration to all and a true picture of what being a Christian is all about.
    God bless everyone involved in this great show of love to the Williams family!

  30. Veronica Cdurry says:

    This is a wonderful blessing to a much deserving family. Enjoy and continue to be blessed. I can’t wait to see Jacob next week because I am sure that he has a LOT to share,

  31. Leslie Spier Mathis says:

    Congratulations to the Williams family! God is so good to us.

  32. Haley says:

    Great Cause

  33. Stacie Worley says:

    My partner and I watch this show religiously every Sunday night. I ball through the entire show. We are so inspired by the families and their amazing ability to remain so optimistic about life in the face of such adversity and often horrific living conditions. This show, these families and all of the staff and volunteers inspire me to give back to others, be grateful for my blessings no matter how great or small they may be and to always have faith no matter how desperate I may feel at times. This show is known for the many gifts and life changing blessings it bestows upon the families in need but it also provides an immeasurable gift to it’s viewers, the reminder to love and reach out to one another.

  34. Brandi Lewis says:

    It is so amazing what you guys are doing. Thank you for everything. It was an honor to be able to help you guys out and know that it is for such a deserving family. You guys are wonderful!

  35. Kathy says:

    Thank you for helping an ALS person. We need all the attention we can get. I lost my Mother to ALS in 2007 and I have become an Advocate for the cause. Williams family my prayers are with you.

  36. Rebecca says:

    This is just such an amazing thing that this show does for people. It proves to people that even tough so many are struggling in todays economy, hope is not lost. Miracles can happen! I have always been a fan of this show. I just can’t belive that it is happening right here in our little community! Until recently I worked for my mother-in-law in the local Chevron convenience store there in Pine Mountatin. Most locals know it as the Corner Store. I worked there for three years and in a job like that, you really get to know the community. I do not know the family personally, but I remember them coming into the store. The little boy really made an impression. He was so sweet and polite. He had such a positive attitude! I am so glad that this family is getting the help they need and I hope that I get the oppertunity to help out this weekend!

  37. Debbie Wewer says:

    Wow! Congratulations Williams Family! May God continue to bless you and may we find the cure to Lou Gehrigs disease and cure your beautiful son. May Jesus cover this family with love, health and happiness. Thank you Extreme Makeover!!!! Love and hugs, Debbie Wewer

  38. Jenny Bridges says:

    Thank you for all you guys have done for this amazing family. You all have been wonderful to work with and for.

  39. Lynn Phillips says:

    It’s just hard to put all this into words. When I heard the news, I was so overjoyed and proud for Jeremy,Jennifer,Josie and Jacob. This whole week, my spirits have been so uplifted and I have been so inspired and encourgaged by all of this. With all the negativity we see and hear, it is always great to hear & see something so positive! Thanks to everyone involved and may God bless each of you!! It is very clear that God is the anchor of this family and what an awesome testimony that is being seen through all of this!!!
    We love you all……..Lynn,Craig,Morgan & Kasey

  40. Steph says:

    Are children allowed to come to the public viewing if accompanied by an adult?

  41. Kinga Njilas says:

    I don’t know the family but I was affected by ALS when my mom was diagnosed 4 years ago.. I know this will mean a great deal to the family not only to know they have a safe home, but to know they have an accessible home, that means the WORLD to an ALS patient.. To the Williams family thank you for sharing your life with us!

  42. Sophia and Jerry Mann says:

    We are so excited following the blessing you’ve been given day by day. Hope your having a wonderful time on vacation. Its been amazing how many people have had a part in this, you’ll be forever loved with all that’s been given here in our small town. How amazing!!! Have fun Jacob and Josie… The Mann Family

  43. Sonya Weeks says:

    Today was a wonderful day. I was able to volunteer today and it was a true blessing to know that I was part of this wonderful experience.

  44. David Jones says:

    I have known Jeremy, Ann( mother),John (father), Robert (brother) and Kim (sister) for many years. I am glad that the whole country will now get to see for themselves what we already know, Jeremy and his family are humble, caring and just NICE people. ALS and Spina Bifida do not define this family. Their faith in God and how they treat others is a far better indicator. Extreme Makeover could not have made a better choice.

  45. Neal Wilson says:

    I am so happy that the Williams family are getting a big blessing from God.
    I’m sure all the volunteers and construction workers are also getting Blessed by God.

  46. Vicki Arrington says:

    This is fantastic that a family from our area will be the recipient of this makeover! May God Bless each person involved in making this happen! When everyone works together, lives can be changed! Williams family, you will remain in my prayers. Let go and let God, for He is in control.

  47. Brian Matthews says:

    I am very proud of everybody that is making this happen. I would love to help this weekend if anybody needs help. God bless the Williams family and everyone making this dream come true

  48. Sharonda D. Porter says:

    ALS sponsored several walks in Columbus, GA several years ago. Anne Elizabeth Shepherd Home a residential facility for adolescent girls with behavioral issues that were the direct result of their extensive sexual abuse; were yearly participants in this event. It is unfortunate that the walks no longer take place in our area as we worked really hard to raise money for the ongoing research and support of this disease. We would like to think that our small acts played an important role. We would like to say how happy we are that this family has been blessed with this opportunity. Thanks also to the Extreme Makeover:Home Edition for all they are doing and have done for many families.

  49. Kristi Davis Lott says:

    I volunteered at the high school where Jeremy works and also at the homesite on Tuesday morning and evening. I know Jeremy’s brother personally and wanted to contribute something on his behalf. I just felt a strong need to give of my time and be a part of something for a family that seems to be such an inspiration to others! As I was looking over the website today I came across a photograph of the Williams family for the first time and was shocked and surprised to find out that Jennifer happens to be friend of mine from years ago. We spent many days and nights at an old barn/farm with a little old couple named the Whitleys. I still can remember early morning rides and the smell of horses. I can feel the wind in my hair…. Things were so simple then. I also remember that even as a young girl, Jennifer was a person of integrity who was not afraid of hard work . I am truly saddened by this and I will be praying for this family! I will also be praying for the extended families on both sides. John and Cathy were also such a great example to me of what it truly meant to be “good people”. I have never forgotten that.
    We do not understand the will of God but we do know that in everything there IS a purpose and he is planning something so big for this family that our minds cannot comprehend! May God bless you.

  50. Trinity Edmonson says:

    Williams family my prayers are with you. Thank you Extreme Makeover for choosing such a deserving family and to all that are involved. May God Bless You!!