Watch the ‘Move That Bus’ Video to Find a Cure for ALS!

Every time someone watches this video of Mark McGuinn’s song ‘Move That Bus’ below, our fantastic sponsor companies will donate one penny to The ALS Association to help find a cure for this terrible disease. Be sure to tell your friends and post this link on your Facebook page! You can HELP STOP ALS!

Thank you for watching our video to help find a cure for ALS. For every view of this video, our amazing company sponsors will donate a penny to The ALS Association, an organization that encourages scientific research to find a cure for ALS, heightens awareness of the nature of the disease, stimulates volunteerism and activism, and increases awareness of government leaders to encourage support of research and patient care. Tell your friends and post this link of your Facebook page! You can HELP STOP ALS!

96 Responses to “Watch the ‘Move That Bus’ Video to Find a Cure for ALS!”

  1. Terry Singer says:

    WOW! On March 3, 2010, Our Son (son-in-law) Greg left us after over 5 years of batteling ALS! We , his family, were honored to be with him every minute of the struggle. Our daughter Dawn,a widow now at 39, was wrecked physically ,mentally,and emotionally as were we all. We carry on Greg’s legacy by working with ALS patients and awareness every day. The home they bought just before Greg’s Final Diagnosis stands as a monument of the love they have to endure the unthinkable horror of this “orphan disease”. We’re proud of all PALS (Patients with ALS) and their Caregivers may they all find strength in this episode, song and message of courage. The ALS Association of Louisiana was with us on every turn this killer took, with DME (durable medical eqiptment), help with transportation, support groups, in home nurse visits and much more. These ALS Association Staff Members do not have a JOB they have a VOCATION. We hold them in the highest reguard. Your support of them and PALS everywhere is felt by us who have seen our children perish an hour at a time over 5 years, no one should ever have to watch , helplessly, while their son dies befor them. It’s just not supposed to happen that way. ALS causes this. Support ALS Associations accross the USA and the world, help find a cure, may none of you who read this ever be touched by ALS the way we are. Terry Singer Baton Rouge LA

  2. Misty Reagan says:

    I watched this video he is the couch at my school Greenville High School. Everyone loves him to death and all hope that he gets threw this, we hope that they find a cure for ALS! He is the heart of our school an insperashun to everyone, with out this man there would be alot of people hurt and lost, so please help use find a cure to help our loveing couch Williams

  3. i lost my dad scott waddell january 19,2010 to the horrible disease Als!He suffered for almost two years and it was so sad watching him suffer not being able to use his hands or hearing his voice when we use to talk about different things and him giving me his advice and input on stuff.I cried so much not being able to help him to get better.The last time i finally had with him i stayed all day but let him rest too because u never know when they will take their last breath.I will never forget the phone call from my mom telling me he went to heaven, i was taking a bath and my phone rang, i cried my eyes out.My heart goes out to all the family that has a loved one suffering with als!Spend all the time you can!!LOVE YOU DAD UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN!

  4. Thea Savo says:

    I just watched the video. Very touching yet truly devastating. Just recently my 34 year old son was diagnosed with this dreadful ALS disease. He has a 3 year old son and a baby daughter. He is wearing a brace on 1 leg and taking medication for the horrific muscle spasms in his legs. I’m in one state him in another and it is very difficult to leave after a visit. We need to make people more aware of this disease. So many do not know or ever heard of Lou Gerhigs disese. My son is very positive that he will beat this but we all know what is coming. Our prayers go out to all ALS victims and their families. Please pray for Brian.

  5. Susan Obuchowski-Berman says:

    The Williams’ story brought tears to my eyes, and the hope that their new home will help them better appreciate and enjoy their time together. My family and I learned that to focus on living each day to the fullest was the only way to cope when my father, Richard, was diagnosed with ALS in December 2004. Of course, there were good days and very bad days, but my father always said he was grateful to wake up to experience each day, despite the tremendous challenges he faced. After battling ALS for almost three years, he passed away at home in September 2006. Our family was forever changed by his life with ALS and his untimely passing. He is always in our hearts and never far from our thoughts. Our family continues to fight this devastating disorder in his honor by supporting various ALS chapters and research. It is our hope that others who are currently dealing with loved ones with ALS will receive the support and relief they need during such a difficult time. The doctors and specialists associated with the Upstate NY chapter were incredibly supportive to my father and family through every stage of ALS. And, of course, we ultimately want effective treatments and a CURE so that no individual need suffer as my father and so many others have. We will keep fighting ALS until this happens.

  6. Tony Pulgine says:

    I lost my closest friend in May of 2005 to ALS. He passed away less than two years after his diagnosis at 48 years old, but remained fully alert while completely immobile. Watching him deteriorate physically all the while knowing he was fully aware of his ultimate fate was more devastating to those of us closest to him than it was to him. He taught those of us closest to him dignity in the face of adversity, and Coach Williams is doing the same for his family, players and students! Thanks to Extreme Makeover Home Edition for bringing such a blessing to this family while at the same time shining a light on this devastating disease.

  7. Larry Rossitto says:

    My wife of 40 years was finally diagnosed with ALS after being sick for 3 years in November the doctor gave her 6 months because of the fast moving respritory condition. i have been doing what i can to take care of her but wish i could afford the right type of help. She is a strong person and doing the best she can with this disease. Every day i pray that ALS will go away so we can have the wonderful life we had before ALS. NO ONE SHOULD HAVE TO SUFFER FROM ALS!!!

  8. Joanne Barkman says:

    My partner of 14 years was diagnosed with ALS in Febuary of 2007, he progressed very fast and passed away on December 20th 2008, ALS is a horrible disease and it is so very hard to watch someone you love become helpless. I think of and remember him and his smile everyday……

  9. Dawn Nance says:

    My husband Trevor, new there was something wrong with himself, and having a daughter a nurse was always looking up her medical books. He was an extremely well read man, and extremely intelligent and with research both at the University libaries and on the internet diagnosed himself. He contacted his Dr. whom sent him for many tests, for things such a carpel tunnel, the olna nerve damaged as the wasteage started in the left arm. After many differnt treatments in the interim period going on the six month trials of Introgam, which I believed help him immensley, but the Doctors believed was no loger having any affect. We tried all sorts of antidotes, and accupuncture, always trying to find some way to prolong life. But ALS has a mind of its own Trevor could no longer take not being able to speak to his family or hold his grandchildren, he asked me to repect his wishes and take him to the hopital where he finally had his bi-pap machine turned off. We were marrried for nearly 40years, I met him when I was seventeen and loved him and nursed him until the end. I will always love him. Last year I held a Ball called a Touch of Blue and we had 639 people attend and raised $25,000 Australian . We are holding another Ball next year and hope to double the amount raised. I have just watched your move the bus video, and this is a great way to make awarenss to other people that have never herd of MND. My heart goes out to the Williamsons, for we know what you are all going through, my prayers are with you .

  10. Annie says:

    My beloved mother was diagnosed with ALS in 2006, she passed away on April 2nd, 2010.

  11. Bonnie Beres says:

    My sister, Ginger, was diagnosed with ALS in April 2009. She can no longer speak or sing (both of which she loved to do) & can’t eat or drink anymore. A feeding tube was put in last September. Her right hand has become unuseable due to muscle contraction. She can still walk. She still gets out with us to shop & go to church, etc. She seems to have developed some dementia & so we have to repeat things to her over & over & sometimes it just seems to go over her head. The doctors of the University of Michigan say hers is developing slowly, but we all know what the end will be. I don’t know why we don’t hear more about fund raising or research in this area. Wish someone like Jerry Lewis could get on the bandwagon & start raising major funds for ALS!

  12. Dana McGee says:

    I lost my only brother to ALS on April 12. He lived 5 1/2 years after being diagnosed. On his birthday in February he told me he wouldn’t see his next birthday. I didn’t want to believe it then and I still struggle. He was such a fighter, still could talk some, still loved to go places with us, still could pull himself up and walk with a walker – and he would smile and laugh and we didn’t have any trouble understandng “I love you”. He left behind a blessed wife of over 40 years, and 3 wonderful children and 4 grandchildren. And of course, 3 sisters. He was only 62. I missed the Home Edition show. Wish I could see it. ALS is a horrid disease and we’ll do all in our power to help find a cure.

  13. Anne Squires says:

    I recently lost my husband to this mind boggling disease. We were able to finally some equipment towards the end . It was truly a struggle without the proper equipment and having our small home not handicapped accessible . We fought for three years for any help,treatment and some comfort for the misery this disease causes. My heart and prayers go out to this family and any one which has the misfortune to have this awful disease. I lost my best friend and my soul mate;but I will continue to reach out to help any one with this diagnosis and support research for a cure. Bless you all.

  14. Sherry Hannah says:

    My husband was just diagnosed with ALS on May 6, 2010. He has been having symptoms for about 1-1/2 years and doctors have just givven us an answer. I just lost my dad in November 2008 to brain cancer and then we lost my mother-in-law to ovarian cancer on April 15, 2010. And I have heard all of my life that the Lord will not give you more than you can carry. But, sometimes it is just so hard to see my husband not being able to do the things he wants to do. We talk about just taking one day at a time and we will be able to get through anything. The second thing is watching our 17 year old son having to see his dad slowing down. If you knew my husband you would know this is very unusual. Please pray for us and I will do the same for each and everyone of you!!!!!!

  15. Becky says:

    My beloved Mom, Lisa, died of ALS September 26th. She was supposed to see my wedding on October 1st. It was a happy/sad wedding. I just can not believe she is gone. I go mad/crazy still wishing that she was still with us. My heart shattered when she died, I’m crying right now, it upsets me so much! My brother, and I, both have a 50/50 chance of getting ALS, and I already have Juvenile Type 1 Diabetes for 39 years. My sweet, loving, funny, Mom has been gone since 2001, and I think about if I will get ALS everyday. I have enough with having Juvenile Type 1 Diabetes, I may just as well commit suicide if I get ALS. I’ve seen what my Mom went through, and it killed me to watch/take care of her everyday. I loved her so much!!! I don’t ever know if there will be a cure for ALS, because I’m still not cured of Juvenile Type 1 Diabetes. My thoughts are with everyone out threre who are taking care of a loved one, or if you have it yourself. We need more people to give ALS a face, and to cure this unforgiving disease. I am just so sad.

  16. Angie says:

    I lost my Dad to ALS on Dec. 11, 2009. At hard as it was to lose him, at least he was older when he got the disease and not struck down in the prime of his life, he was 78 years old. He was diagnosed in Dec. 2006. He was always so strong and independent, it was hard to watch this disease ravage his body. You feel so helpless! It sounds bad but sometimes I wished he had cancer instead, at least there are treatments and cures. With ALS, there’s no treatment and no cure. We need more research to eradicate this awful disease.

  17. diana says:

    nice video, i ‘ll pray for you and your family this is a horrible disease very hard on all around to watch someone die from this awful disease embrace every day my loved one died in 06 from this awful disease and it so gut wrenching i wish i had saw this episode of the show but i’m sure it would have brought back alot of memories good and bad god bless all of you

  18. My brother, James Keller, was diagnosed with ALS in 1992 and died in 1999. As a college baseball coach at Concordia College, he went public with his disease and became a national spokesperson for the ALS Association and MDA (Muscular Dystrophy Association). His belief was that “living with ALS” was God’s Mission for him, and he was an inspiration to many throughout the remainder of his life. Many young athletes, students, friends, and family were changed forever due to his courage and strength.

    My heart, my tears, and my prayers are with the Williams Family throughout this devastating ordeal. Thank you Williams Family for sharing your story with others so that awareness will increase and the chances for a cure will increase through an increase in donations.

    Thank you Palm Harbor Homes and Nationwide Homes for your generosity. You have made a difference.

  19. Alley Varner says:

    My mother currently has ALS. She was diagnosed October 16, 2008. She is only forty years old, with a wonderful husband who is there for her all the time (my dad) and her children (my brothers and i) are there for her at a moment’s notice. She is in a power wheelchair and cannot move her limbs anymore. Do any of you know what it is like for a family member to have a catheter or a bipep machine? The doctors are trying to get them for her, especially the bipep machine so she can go to my High School Graduation in two weeks. you can contact me on facebook under Alexandra Varner. I pray for all who are touched by this disease, and pray that there be a cure soon. God bless everyone!

  20. Richard Dowsland says:

    My stepfather, Pete Ferris died of ALS at the age of 83! He was a tough, vibrant guy until he contracted this insidious killer . Luckily, it took him quickly, and without too much suffering, but it is so dibillitatiing. We must spend more dollars to work for a cure. There is nothing out there now for the people struck down with this . I had a heart attack four years ago, and the treatments were great…..I had prostate cancer just last month, and the treatments were great. Lets get the ball rolling on this killer NOW !!!

  21. Lisa Reed says:

    My friend Noni has a form of ALS. She was an RN for many years and then had to quit work due to this. She is now in a wheelchair and has severe muscle spasms. Her girlfriend Michele works from home to take care of her. Thank you for helping this family on Extreme Makover.

  22. Betty Elliott says:

    God bless this family! I had tears in my eyes! What a warm and loving family! They will be in my thoughts and prayers everyday! In the scope of everyday life, only love and kindness matters!

  23. Chris Henry says:

    My dad passed from ALS in 1987. Today, 23 years later, still no cure, no known cause. Something is not right about that. This show cannot hurt regarding public awareness. I personally knew little to nothing about ALS diseas prior to him acquiring disease. I know that relatively speaking, few people get this disease so politically/financially speaking, there is no a big time reason to put a large amount of money into research. I guess until this disease hits more prominent people, research will stay on the backburner.

  24. Deena says:

    What a wonderful family to spotlight and help! Thank you Extreme Makeover and Palm Harbor!!

  25. Kathy says:

    We lost our father in 1987 to ALS. My brother was diagnosed with ALS about 2 years ago and died on March 11, 2010. Thank you for making the public more aware of this horrible disease. Praying every day for a cure.

  26. Janis says:

    Thank you Palm Beach Homes, Extreme Home Makeover for this heartfelt video. My brother-in-law Howard has ALS and is on a Ventilator. I hope we can find a cure for this horrible disease. God Bless.

  27. Theresa Temples says:

    My daddy was diagnosied with Inclusion Body Myopthay a form of Lou Gerretts back in 1989 or close to then. He has braces on his legs and now has cancer in most major parts of his body. The best Doctor we found Was DR. CHIN OH in Birmingham Alabama at Kirkland Clinic. He had my daddy taking cell builders natural stuff from health food store and daddy took it religiously after a strange regemin of steroids. After his first Chemo treatments in 2008 he actually saw a return in strength in is feet but it only lasted a couple of months. My prayers go out to all of you, I would not trade a day with my dad but I have seen pleanty of days that I thought were just unbearable.

  28. Loree Dippary says:

    I lost my mother in March of this year. The first day of spring she slipped away after a hard fought battle. I miss her very much and won’t stop fighting to find a cure.

  29. Katie Nicholson says:

    whoops! Forgot to put the kink ~

  30. Katie Nicholson says:

    My father was diagnosed Aug 2008 after noticing “foot drop” He now has a feeding tube and can not walk with out assistance. This disease definitely sucks but it has made our family stronger & I will never stop fighting! Here is a link to an article about my dad in the ny daily news from July 4th (70th anniversary of Lou Gehrig’s “luckiest man alive” speech

  31. Sam T. says:

    I just watched the show…many tears. My brother- in- law passed away 9 years ago today from ALS. Why is it I wonder that the most amazing people get this? It is amazing in all the turmoil really how much Dave taught all who new him. He taught me to appreciate each moment and not to take family & friends for granted.

  32. Stephanie Alexander says:

    I am so thankful that Extreme Makeover Home Edition has helped a family with ALS. My father has a rare form, PLS, and so many are unaware of what this disease is. This episode it going to make a remarkable impact on the awareness of the disease, and hopefully help to raise donations and help to find a cure!

  33. Avis Hightower says:

    My precious nephew Michael, age 43, father of 2 just diagnosed one year ago with ALS. This is an awesome video and so inspiring. Thanks for sharing.

  34. Joey Potter says:

    Coach Williams is simply wonderful Godly man…

  35. Maci Paige says:

    It was hard to watch this! My daughters father was diagnosed about a year ago and was just told that he wont make it until the end of the year. Our daughter is 19. He just finished building his own first home when he was diagnosed. Its been hard to watch her go through all of this. Her and I had just moved to the East Coast to live in MA. when she was told. Needless to say she moved home and now shes not even allowed to live in that house with her father because of his new wife. VERY ROUGH situation to be in, especially 1500 miles away from the only parent she is going to have left. Its been difficult to be here and I am trying to do what I can but I so feel like my hands are tied now. The economy is what it is and I just feel like I am going to be to late no matter what I do. I was also happy to see this and it renewed my sense of self knowing that there are people getting help and support. Ive never heard much about a disease that is so old its really sad that there is so little awareness and so little funding for something that hits us so hard. Its things like this that wipe out a family in every way possible and leaves its damage even after the physical suffering is over for the patient. The financial devastation has such long term effects that the uninsured are suffering in the worst of positions and even the insured are not in much better of positions. Its not enough that we simply raise awareness, its most important for the ones we leave behind to have a better chance and a choice! The choice to be aware and to live accordingly. The chance to get the medical attention they deserve to live the life thats been given to them.

  36. jan says:

    The face of ALS has been seen through and through my family. I have lost a grandfather, an Uncle, my mother, a great Aunt and her daughter (and more) to ALS. In this case, ALS is familial. Only 10% of cases of ALS are familial, with the other 90% being sporadic. This, in part is why the support for ALS is very important to me and my family. Sporadic or familial, it is a devestating disease. I was able to go stay with my mom and take care of her for the last few months of her life. She had a twinkle in her eyes and we communicated in our own way. She made me feel like, if I was plaqued with ALS, that I could live and die with dignity like she did. Our family got into a genetic study for ALS— hoping to find a cure. Support the cause.

  37. Margaret says:

    The fact sheets helped to highlight the importance of research. My family member (with ALS) & spouse have a great attitude, and they reach out to the ALS network, as well.

    I liked the upbeat nature of the program, while at the same time, the video illustrates the radical change this disease causes in people’s lives; in this case, the whole house had to be razed and a new one built. Thank you to Extreme Make Over for bringing the ALS issues to the general public.

  38. Julie Ablowich-Witonsky says:

    My mother was diagnosed with Lou Gerig’s Disease (ALS) and we lost her shortly after in April, 2009. This is such a horrific disease and so much research is needed. Thank you Extreme Makeover for doing this show. While one loses their body completely to this disease, you still completly have your mind. The suffering that accompanies this disease is unbelievable. I hope that others will see that even a small donation can make a difference. My prayers are with anyone who has been afflicted with this disease. GOD BLESS YOU ALL. Julie Ablowich-Witonsky Castle Rock, CO.

  39. Carol says:

    I want to thank Extreme Makeover Home Edition for choosing an ALS client and for shining a spotlight on this devastating disease. I work for the ALS Society of New Brunswick, Canada, and am touched daily by the strength and determination of our clients and their families in the face of this awful disease. Their courage and strength is inspiring. One day, there will be a cure. To the Williams family and every family living with ALS out there… god bless.

  40. Vicki Burkhardt says:

    My husband was diagnosed with ALS on October 4, 2007 and passed away October 27, 2008. My life has been forever changed. This is a devastating disease and we must never give up hope, or the fight, to find a cure.

  41. Betty Pettersson says:

    A nephew-in-law and close friend lost their battles to ALS and Now there is a close friend on our street-we are planning a “Walk to defeat ALS” in her honor on Nov 13,2010-she has gret spirit-faith1 AND IS A GREAT ROLE MODEL for us all-good news about the Extreme Makeover for the man in Palm Harbor-God bless them-Betty

  42. Gail Levine-Moore says:

    I am so happy this family received this home. When my mom died in 1970 of ALS, she could not come to my college graduations because she could walk up the stairs on an airplane. Walkways were a thing of the future. She died at age 48 of dehydration from not being able to swallow. In 1989 her younger sister also died of ALS at the age of 58. Now with ALS in my family my chances of getting it are 50-50. A cure cannot come fast enough for me.

  43. Becky Lester says:

    I watch this show to see how the lives of so many families that have been touched by the giving of others. My Aunt has had ALS for 17 years now. As some may know the life expectancy for this incurable disease is 2-5 years. Through perseverance and courage and donations she has continued her march hoping for a cure not for just herself but for others. This is truly a story that hits home.

  44. Cathy says:

    We lost my mom to ALS 2 1/2 weeks ago. We miss her everyday and our hearts and souls are filled with tears of grief for her and for all families who have to endure this disease. Thank you to Extreme Makeover and Palm Harbor and Nationwide Homes for bringing awareness to this disease and that all may help to find a cure soon.

  45. MY Wife has ALS we lost our home even after we made it handicap ready I couldn’t work and take care of her. WE moved to AZ. and are living with her sister who sent alot to make her home handicap ready. IT is really great to hear of someone getting that kind of help. YOU BLESS SOOOO MANY PEOPLE. GOD BLESS YOU ALL

  46. Dana Craven says:

    My dad was diagnosed with ALS about 3 years ago. Luckily it has been slow progression so far but we all know the inevitable is around the corner. My thoughts and prayers are with the Willams family. I can truly say that I feel your pain with a diagnosis of ALS.