Watch the ‘Move That Bus’ Video to Find a Cure for ALS!

Every time someone watches this video of Mark McGuinn’s song ‘Move That Bus’ below, our fantastic sponsor companies will donate one penny to The ALS Association to help find a cure for this terrible disease. Be sure to tell your friends and post this link on your Facebook page! You can HELP STOP ALS!

Thank you for watching our video to help find a cure for ALS. For every view of this video, our amazing company sponsors will donate a penny to The ALS Association, an organization that encourages scientific research to find a cure for ALS, heightens awareness of the nature of the disease, stimulates volunteerism and activism, and increases awareness of government leaders to encourage support of research and patient care. Tell your friends and post this link of your Facebook page! You can HELP STOP ALS!

96 Responses to “Watch the ‘Move That Bus’ Video to Find a Cure for ALS!”

  1. Kate says:

    God bless everyone involved in this for bringing attention to ALS. In my humble opinion, it is by far one of the cruelest diseases I’ve ever witnessed, and sadly, I know many people who have passed away from various illnesses. My heart aches for anyone who is affected by ALS in any way, and my prayers rise up for you. I hope this will make an impact on all who watch the video, etc., and encourage their new or continued support.

  2. Rebecca says:

    I have a close friend with ALS, and he recently passed 5 years from when he first started having symptoms. It’s very unusual for a person with ALS to live past this point. He’s now in a wheelchair and experiences many difficulties, but we feel blessed that he is still with us.

    Thank you to Palm Beach Homes, Extreme Home Makeover and all who were involved in this project and your donation to the ALS Association.

  3. Glynis Ghormley says:

    My husband was diagnosed with ALS on June 6, 2008. He passed away July 23, 2008. As my children and I are approaching the 2 year anniversary of his passing, I will be watching this episode with tears streaming down my face. The song is now on my ipod and our shirts are on their way.

  4. Howard says:

    My mom passed away 5 short weeks ago at the age of 73. The devastating effects of ALS will be felt by my family and I for years to come. Tragically, there is so little known about the disease. We must work to find a cure.

  5. Thanks for providing ways that all people may learn about this disease and contribute to funds allocated to eliminating the disease around the world.

  6. Whitney Garrison says:

    My grandma passed away 15 years ago and I will never forget what she went through. It’s awfull.

  7. Vanessa says:

    My Mother passed away four years ago this coming October. We were stopped dead in our tracks.

    In 1988 our father passed away from congested heart failure. In 1989, Mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. She had her breast removed and 11 lymph nodes. Then in 1993, she was diagnosed with the other breast and it was removed with five lymph nodes. She had been cancer free up until the official diagnosis of ALS.

    This disease is as bad as Alzhiemer’s disease. With it, the brain also goes; but with ALS, the mind is in complete awareness of what the body can’t do.

    I don’t know if this disease is genetic or not, but I have a lot of trouble with my muscles and connective tissues called fibromyalgia. It sure acts a lot of what Mother’s symptoms were

    I am so grateful I had the time to spend with my mother. She and my moher-in-law are the most remarkable and strong-willed women I have had the pleasure of knowing!

  8. Mary Jo says:

    In 1975, a special uncle died of ALS. Even tho’ I was an RN, I had never heard of this disease. My aunt told me, “he has something-lateral-sclerosis” and I kept trying to correct her by saying “you mean multiple sclerosis?” A little more than 20 yr later, my humorous, intelligent, Medical Technologist husband of almost 35 yr, was (after 3 mo of ruling out “other” causes) diagnosed with ALS. We had four adult children and four and 3/4 grandchildren. Thank you for choosing a person with ALS for your show. Today we are not a lot closer to the cause, and hopefully, cure now than we were in 1939 when Lou Gehrig had to quit baseball. The more people know about ALS, the more chances we have to get the financing and the brain-power for a cure!

  9. Veronica Spencer says:

    I had a very dear friend, Travis, who was diagnosed last June. He turned 40 April 3 and lost the battle almost a month ago. He was the best person anyone could have asked for, and he was Indiana’s Left-hand drummer, and watching this video brings tears of joy to my eyes. I know he is watching all of us, and I will not give up until a cure for this dreaded disease is found. God Bless the Williams family, Palm Harbor, Nationwide Homes, Extreme Makeover Team, and Mark McGuinn, and I continue to pray for every family dealing with this disease. God Bless you all!! PS~~ We love you, Trav!

  10. Julie King Garl says:

    My 59 year old brother is in the final stages of this horrible disease. He is totally bed ridden and can only move is right hand a bit to change the television remote. We are blessed that he can still talk very slowly and eat so we have all had many special conversations with him. I pray for anyone affected by this disease and a cure would answer all of our prayers. God Bless this family also because we know what the road ahead is like. We are living it now.

  11. CAROLE PAYTON says:


  12. Kathy says:

    My husband was diagnosed 4 years ago, he just lost his battle 3 months ago. He had just turned 46. It is one of the most horrible diseases I have ever seen. It is time to find a cure for ALS.

  13. catherine mcnally says:

    We will be watching the video on May 16th.
    My husband was diagnosed one year ago with ALS.

  14. catherine mcnally says:

    My husband was diagnosed with this terrible disease last a year ago.We worked so hard
    all of our married life building a business and raising our three children. Now, at this time
    of our lives when we just retired we are faced with this . Sometimes life is not fair.
    He is and always was a wonderful husband and father. It is such a shock to all of us that this should
    happen to this wonderful man.

  15. Karen Dawson-Haines says:

    It touches my heart to see such a blessing bestowed upon this family during this devastating life changing period.

  16. Diana says:

    wow, I am so happy that extreme makeover has done this for an ALS family. The help is so needed by so many and the public awareness you have generated is remarkable. Thank you so much. My mom has end stage ALS on a venitlator we too made many changes throughout our experience with ALS. Thank you for this great public awareness no words to describe how much this means.

  17. Debbie says:


  18. Margaret H. Singer says:

    My daddy died of ALS at the age of 51 on Nov. 3, 1973. He was diagnosed in March at Emory University and died the following November. There has not been a lot learned about the disease since then. We need more money for reasearch. I am so glad that May has been disignated as ALS awareness month. It is a horrific disease. I am so happy for the Williams family to receive this gift of a new home. Please help them and ABC by promoting the video and getting educated about this disease.

  19. Wendy Truckenbrod says:

    The story and video are such a touching story. I actually went to school with Jeremy though Elementary school. I remember my brother playing ball with him. My Sister n Law just told me that they have found evidence that they are linking artificial turn to a cause of ALS. I do pray for the Williams family as well as a cure for the disease.

  20. Cheryl Schmitz says:

    What Extreme Makeover and Mark McGuinn did for this family is heart warming!!!! I lost my mom to ALS in May 2003, it is a cruel and horrible disease for the individual and those who love them. Thank you for bringing this cause to the worlds attention….a cure has to be out there somewhere!!

  21. Michaelanne Fentem says:

    Coach and Mrs. Williams were two of my teachers in high school. Mrs. Williams taught biology and made a huge impact on my life, but I have to thank Coach for making an eternal impact on my life. Coach Williams did a devotional and invitation in our FCA huddle in Feb. of my Junior year in high school and I became a Christian that day. I can’t think of two more deserving parents than these.

  22. Lyn Davis says:

    ALS took the life of a dear, dear friend and so any effort to find a cure is very important to me! Thank you Extreme Home Makeover, for all the good you do!

  23. Chris W says:

    Thank you, Extreme Home Makeover. I loved the show before but now it’s beyond love. ALS is devastating to everyone it touches- the person, family and friends. God bless the Williams family for bringing their private battle public. Can’t play this video enough even though I cry every time over the loss of my brother, Bill, to ALS almost 4 years ago.

  24. Jacque Bradley says:

    My father died from ALS 20 years ago. This is a horrible disease that does not affect the mind, but robs its victim of movement; speech; ability to eat/swallow! Along with ALS; all terminal diseases are horrible for the people who have them, for their family members and caregivers. Thank you all for focusing on this disease and for this drive to find a cure!

  25. Ray Guill says:

    I lost my father in August of 1982 to ALS. That will soon be 28 years, I still remember how it worked on him. We need to give to the research to find a cure for this. I intend to watch the show on the 16th. I also wish this family the best, and will pray for them that God will bless them in the days ahead.

  26. I lost my father to ALA as well as an uncle. Another aunt also developed it but died of another cause before it took her life. My heart and prayers are with this special family.

  27. This is a significant video and song! With the Extreme Home Makeover show airing on Sunday night, May 16th, it will definately heighten awareness of the devastating disease ALS. I’m sure the Williams family will be forever grateful to everyone who had a part in making the much needed changes to their home. God bless each and every one… I am personally thankful for the donations from this project being made to the ALS Association to fund research . My son has ALS and my prayer is that a cure will be found soon. Continuing success to Extreme Home Makeover and all their sponsors who provide so much to those in need! Thank you.

  28. Starla Lindaas says:

    My husband has been fighting this terrible disease for 2 years now. It is wonderful to see people in the television and music industry recognizing this diseaes.My husband has lost the ability to use his arms,legs, and has almost totally lost the ability to speak. I am his caregiver and also work fulltime, and i pray that a cure is found soon for this terrible disease.

  29. Tonya Thomason says:

    My huband has ALS…its a beast! We must never give in or never give up! I was so very humbled to attend The Williams Family reveal! My heart goes out to the family and to all who supported them! God Bless You!

  30. Gary says:

    I lost my brother-in-law to ALS this past August after a four year battle. I hope that others will see this video and donate to helping find a cure. God Bless those that are troubled by this disease.

  31. ruth fowler says:

    Jeremy, Jennifer, Josie and Jacob are part of God’s chosen people. Thanks to everyone who has shown their love to the Williams family. May God continue to bless them and keep them close.

  32. Dorothy Bradshaw says:

    Thank you Extreme Home Makeover, Mark McGuinn, Palm Harbor and Nationwide homes for making life a little better for the Williams family, My father died in March 2008 from ALS after 18 months. ALS is a terrible disease for which there is no known cause or cure. Bringing awareness to ALS with this show will hopefully raise the needed funds for research so that one day a cure will be found. Thank you to all and God Bless the Williams family.

  33. This family is so deserving. I am so happy to recognize publically the hardships of living with ALS. I have lost 5 family members to this disease, most recently my Dad and am ready to find a cure for this killer disease! All of you involved in this project our helping move us closer to that cure. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  34. Patricia Tallman says:

    This is a dreadful disease offering no hope. We need to find a cure and a prevention

  35. Butch and Jannie Skelton says:

    This is an awesome video.. Our prayers go out to the Williams family. We cannot wait for the show to air. This was truly a blessing from God.. We got a blessing just listening to Jeremy’s
    wife’s dad telling us the story on how Extreme Home Makeover came. God was truly at work
    with those friends of hers.. The song was wonderful… God Bless this wonderful family….

  36. Judy Morey says:

    Thank you for the awareness of ALS through your efforts for the man and his family.
    My husband has ALS. Funds for research are vital for the survival of so many.

  37. Deanna says:

    I have a friend/co-worker that has a loved one living with this disease. I hope and pray that there is a cure found for ALS!

  38. Terri Drew Massa says:

    What a blessing from God!!! I don’t know a more deserving person as Jeremy and his family. Words cannot express my feelings when I watched this clip and cannot wait until the show airs on May 16th. I can’t imagine any dry eyes during this episode. I have know Jeremy for many years and he is an inspiration to us all. A true believer in Christ!!!
    God Bless You and your family.

  39. Robert Ford says:

    This is wonderful and powerful. As I watched the video, my eyes teared up again. I realize that Jeremy is such a warrior and I’m fortuante enough to call him a friend. Jeremy epitomizes “All things are possible through Christ that strengthens me” and everyday he lives his life as the consummate man of GOD. This is a true blessing from Mr. McGuinn and Palm Harbor and Nationwide Homes. Thanks Extreme Home Makeover for answering GOD call to be a blessing to others. Just as you have, Jeremy continues to inspire and be a blessing to others. GOD is good all of the times.



  41. Christina Creasman says:

    Anything that Mark McGuinn writes about,has to come straight from the Heart,in one fashion or another.I truely miss your music on the Radio,since my tape got too hot and melted.So if anyone has a copy keep it close since you will not be able to find them any more…Mark you are still thought about often.

  42. Barb Wheeler says:

    Our son, Bill, died on Sept. 7, 2006 at age 40 after a courageous 4 year battle with ALS. As a nurse I was able to help take care of him as was his wife. We miss him terribly.
    My thoughts and prayers are with the Williams family. God bless!

  43. Kevin Mcpherson says:

    WOW – I am speechless. I too live with someone with a chronic illness . I will watch this video over and over when I need to find courage to make it thru the day. I have never been prouder of the company I work for than I am today! ksm – palmharbor #024 – WOW

  44. I am 45 and a mom of twin 16 year old girls. I have ALS and no one should watch their mom go they this horrible disease.

  45. This is so great & awesome! It will touch everyone to donate to ALS. Hope & pray to find a cure for ALS! Great for Nationwide & Palm Harbor, as Jeremy said, to have a new home for his family which means the world for him. We should also live every day & make every day special!

    I’m proud to be part of the Palm Harbor Homes team to build customers dream homes & to provide more home for your money.

  46. Jocelyn says:

    This song moved my heart in a big way. My thought and prayers are with this family.

  47. Katie Nicholson says:

    This is great! I have been thinking recently that they need to do one on an ALS patient and was in the process of putting my video submission together when I was sent this link. My father has ALS and we are now going through the modifications etc for our house. I hope this gets America to see that ALS is a horrible disease and needs attention! I will be sending this to as many people I can and will definitely be tuned in May 16th!

  48. What you did for this Williams family is wonderful.
    I can’t wait to see the TV Show. One of my fiends
    and cousin Debbie Hardman helped with this.
    My prayers are with the Williams Family!!!

  49. Debbie Samra says:

    Of course, I would like to thank Extreme Makeover Home Edition, ABC and Disney for picking the Williams family for this special build. This is a great show and I hope they continue for many more years.

  50. Debbie Samra says:

    This is a great video and it was a great thing that Palm Harbor and Nationwide Homes and Mark McGuinn did for the Williams family. I hope this song and video will bring in a lot of hits and donations for ALS. I also can’t wait for the show to air on May 16th.
    I wish the family all my best and hope that one day a cure will be found.