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If you are a volunteer, a friend of the family, a fan of the show, a sponsor or have anything you would like to contribute, we would love to hear from you!! This is a great place to let the world know you support this great family and Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.

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  1. Jana and Robby Furlow says:

    I have always loved watching Extreme Makeover Home Edition, but now it is even more special as they build this home for my friends – the Brown family! God Bless each one who is helping with this, and God bless Johnnie Mac, Jeannie and Katrina as they share the message to keep others safe … I am SO grateful that they were chosen for this blessing! THANK YOU! and Praise God for you!

  2. Neta Hicks says:

    I do watch the show and enjoy it. It is uplifting to see “good” things that take place in our world that has gotten so very self-centered and un-caring. It is great to know that there are still many people who do care and who give of themselves to help those who have special needs. Thanks for helping this West Texas family…….May God Bless You and the Brown Family ! They are an amazing Mom, Dad, and Sister. I really listen in awe when I hear them speak of the accident and Alex. I appreciate the work they are doing……hope all my family listens.

  3. Jo Ann Gomez says:

    I’m a volunteer and I’m from Odessa and will be out there tomorrow to help.It’s well worth the several hours drive to help out a deserving family. I think that the brown family is amazing, and what they do to help others know the dangers of texting and driving. That the brown family have to remember the event of their daughters death over and over again is unbelievable, and humbling. But I guess like remembering the event,but the pain is removed like a stinger from a bee.The bee may still buzz,but their is no longer a threat because the ability to sting is gone. They have impacted my family and I in more ways than one. And we have pledged to “No Texting While Driving”. I can’t wait to be apart of such a wonderful event.

  4. Robin Bradley says:

    I had such a good time working tonight. Everyone is very friendly. Thanks Palm Harbor for doing this for the Browns….We love them soo much!!!

  5. Marvin and Darlena Collins says:

    No one has contacted us—we signed up for Sat 12 noon – 7 pm. We are planning to leave Midland in the morning to head to Wellman…Are we still on for volunteering our time and labor???
    Please respond before 9 am tomorrow morning.
    Thank you,
    Marvin & Darlena Collins

  6. collfar5000 says:

    I had a great time working yesterday. After watching the filming, I will never look at the show the same way again. What looks so frantic on TV is really a much more controlled chaos in real life. I got to meet and talk to some of the neighbors, too. They all seemed genuinely pleased for the Browns even though their own lives have been majorly disrupted for a week.

    I hope to return Monday to help welcome the Browns to their new home. Unless I hear otherwise, I am under the impression that Monday from 2 pm to 5 pm we can go to the spectator area to cheer the family as they come home.

  7. Lindsay Scott says:

    I want to say thank you to everyone involved with this new home for my aunt, uncle, and cousin. While we would rather have Alex living among us, safe and sound, we are so blessed and so honored that her life has been celebrated such a way. The material blessings of a beautiful home and donations to help Jeanne and Johnny Mac continue their mission are so amazing.
    The true gift of this is that we get to share Alex’s life with the world. We get to tell the world about how she lived – Alex was a God-following, joy-filled, bold young lady. She made a bad choice one day on her way to school and it cost her life. But she is living on in our hearts, and through sharing her story, she is changing the hearts of so many people, both young and old. Thank you, everyone, for opening up your hearts and sharing your lives this week, to continue Alex’s story. We thank God for you, and give all glory to our heavenly Father.

  8. Sylvia Miller says:

    I just wanted to give a big thank you to Extreme Home Makeover and Palm Harbor for helping the Brown Family. I can’t even begin to imagine what it would be like to carry that pickup on a flatbed trailer and go all over telling the public their tragic story. I don’t know the family personally but I have kept up with their story and taken the pledge, not to text and drive. I am a big fan of the show and what an honor and privilege it was to help out yesterday. It is something I will always remember and I hope to meet the family some day. My prayers go out to everyone involved. To Ty and the design team and all of their staff, for their unselfish sacrifce and hard work to helping families and giving them hope. But most especially my prayers go out to the Brown Family and their sorrow. May God continue to bless each and everyone of you. Thanks again! What an honor

  9. Colleen says:

    Collfar5000 – Thanks so much for your suggestion! We have added more explanation about how the donations will help the Brown family spread the word to more people in more places on our Thank You Donors! page. Your gifts will help the Browns save more lives in more places!

  10. collfar5000 says:

    I am so happy to be able to help with this. See you tomorrow. Meanwhile, if you want to increase the donations for the family, do a better job explaining how they money will be used. Will it fund the travel costs for the family to go around and make presentations around the country? I think if people know that the money is going to something like that, they would be more likely to donate.

  11. Susan Whited says:

    Welcome to West Texas EMHE!! We are so glad to be your partners for such a deserving family. I hope this is the best makeover yet!!!! Our family has benefitted from a wonderful, anonymous family who donated their loved one’s heart to my husband so that he can watch our children grow up. We owe them so much. Paying it forward by working on this home for the Brown’s is a great place to start giving back some of the blessings that we have received this year!!!! See you this weekend!!!

  12. Sharon Liles says:

    Thank you Extreme Makeover Home Edition for selecting the Brown family from Wellman. The Brown family has used the very tragic death of their daughter to share a story about texting while driving and not wearing a seatbelt so that other parents may not have to go through the nightmare this family has gone through. May God bless you and the Brown family.

  13. Barbie Reynolds says:

    Thank you so much for choosing the Brown family! Jeanne is a childhood friend of my husband, and Alex was a friend of my daughter. We have grieved with them in the loss of Alex, but know that God is using the whole family in an amazing way! We are blessed to know them, and are so grateful for the help you are giving them!

  14. Ryan Sanford says:

    This is so awesome! I can’t wait to be part of something so rewarding. Hearts will be touched and tears of joy will roll down the faces of everyone. I am so happy for the Brown family. As they have changed the lives of young people in our community, it is now our turn to return the favor as a community. Eyes will be opened and we will be able to see how this community can actually make a difference in others lives. I LOVE THE BROWN FAMILY!

  15. Sierra Paschall says:

    WOW!!! What a blessing that God has done for this well deserved family!! I am so excited to be apart of this amazing project. Can’t wait to get started!!

  16. Brad M. McKenzie says:

    Im soooo Excited to Be apart of Some thing Wonderful…

  17. Kellsy Flatt says:

    I’m so excited and honored to be apart of this!

  18. Lainey Edwards says:

    i am so happy for the Brown family.
    they deserve this so much.
    they have been through one of the worst experiences and made it into something amazing! 🙂
    alex is missed everyday and i just know she is looking down smiling and is so happy and thankful for what you all are doing for her wonderful family!
    thank yall so much!
    God Bless(:

  19. Rickey Andrews says:

    I am very happy for the family, I have known them for 20 years. Thank you for doing this for them..

  20. Pamela Davison says:


  21. Cassie Graham says:

    God Bless the Brown Family they diserve it with all they have lost!!! My home town will all be there and I wish I could be/ congrats and thank God for Angels!!! Cassie Graham

  22. LINDA ADKINS says:


  23. Vickie Judd says:

    Thank You so much for doing this for this amazing family……….I had Alex in my preschool class when she was young and she was always such a happy little girl and i cared for her very much such good memories from that time. Her mom and I had gone to Wayland Baptist College together when getting our teaching degree and have been friends for awhile she is and amazingly strong woman and admire what she is doing!!!!! This is a family who will always be very appreciative of every one who helped out on this build. Thank you again for this amazing gift to the family.

  24. kandi sue taylor says:

    This is the most amazing act of kindness. It really makes you extremely grateful for all you have. Throwing your heart, mind and soul into service is the best medicine to forget about your own problems. I am so excited and welcome the sleepless nights into service. Thank you

  25. Leanne Forman says:

    I LOVE what you do for people!!! Never fails I end up watching the last few minutes of each show with tears running down my face. So glad you will be in West Texas. Can’t wait to yell “MOVE THAT BUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  26. Jeremy Deis says:

    Extreme Home Makeover Texas Tech style!

    Lubbock, Texas

  27. Linda Holt says:

    I never miss a show. It amazes me how much you give to these people. Evveryone can dream that lucky person is them Just to get new doors and windows to make our house warm would be a miracle!! I want so much to help with this West Texas house. Don’t know how much I can do I am 66 and not real steady on my feet but I do plan on being there. I admire each and every one of you!!

  28. Hannah says:

    I’m so excited to get to volunteer for such a wonderful cause!

  29. Nona says:

    I can not wait to help out on this project. Love the show and God bless the family that is receiving this miracle. I can sew, paint, hang wallpaper, tape and mud, texture walls and just just boss people around so here I come.

  30. Lorraine R. Wilson says:

    I am so excited I’m crying! I have prayed and hoped that Extreme Makeover would come to West Texas so I could give my nights and some vacation days to help out a DESERVING FAMILY! I love to make people happy and will be so honored to help BLESS THIS FAMILY! Let’s all give our time and energy to help out Extreme Makeover!!!!!! Can’t wait to hear from you so I can have my smiling face and energy to help ya’ll out!!!!

  31. rosie lopez says:

    love the show watch it all the time

  32. Love this show, and to see the people faces and makes me cry and thankful

  33. Pamela Cherry says:

    We love watching the show it is one of those shows that make you feel good and happy to see that there are people that care about others and give from their heart not only financially but physically. West Texans have a big heart so I know that this will be a project that will go beyond what is needed. How wonderful for the family that gets this . I cant wait to see who has been picked and hope that I and my family will be able to participate in some small way.

  34. Emily says:

    I signed up to volunteer tonight and met the producer for the show

  35. Becca Roberson says:

    WOOHOO! I have been waiting on this day for YEARS! I am so stinkin’ excited! I can’t wait to be a part! YIPEE! I can’t even work I am so excited. I’m a dork, I know. I even have butterflies in my tummy!

  36. Melanie Carr says:

    So excited for the Extreme team to come to Midland,Tx. And really happy for the lucky family that will receive this wonderful blessing of a new home. So, come on Midlanders come out in support.’and volunteer. Welcome Exreme Home to our city, now lets get busy!!! WOOOHOOO

  37. Lorraine Urey says:

    Thanks to EM:HE, the builders, sponsors and volunteers for changing the lives of this and so many other families!