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Move that Bus – Bus Tour Schedule

Mark McGuinn with Palm Harbor and Nationwide Homes Hit The Road for ALS

The Move That Bus Tour of 2010 is hitting the road to promote the new song by Mark McGuinn called Move That Bus as well as the episode of Extreme Makeover Home Edition airing on May 16th at 8:00 PM EST. But the ultimate purpose of the entire tour is to raise awareness and money for ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease).

Move That Bus Tour Dates & Times

San Antonio May 10-11 The Move That Bus Tour starts in San Antonio on May 10th. The tour will be making stops at all area Palm Harbor Home sales centers in the San Antonio area.
Map | Call 888-466-3718 for more info

Houston May 12th The Tour will continue in Houston on Wednesday May 12th with stops during the day at all area Palm Harbor locations and then a benefit concert at Rebels Honky Tonk of Houston Wednesday night @ 5002 Washington Avenue, Houston TX 77007. Doors open at 8:00. Free Tickets available at all area Palm Harbor locations.
Map | Call 888-466-3718 for more info

Austin May 13th -The Tour will continue in Austin on Thursday May 13th with stops during the day at all area Palm Harbor locations with a special concert at our Austin location at 810 Bastrop Hwy at 2:00 and then a benefit concert at Rebels Honky Tonk of Austin Thursday night @ 305 West 5th Street, Austin, TX 78701. Doors open at 8:00. Free Tickets available at all area Palm Harbor locations
Map | Call 888-466-3718 for more info

Dallas/Ft Worth May 14th & 15th – The tour will continue Friday & Saturday with visits to all Dallas/Fort Worth locations then a concert at the famous Gilley’s Dallas on Saturday night @ 1135 S Lamar Street Dallas TX 75215. Doors open at 8:00. Free tickets available at all area Palm Harbor locations.
Map | Call 888-466-3718 for more info

Guest Appearance by Paul DiMeo

Just announced: we will have a guest appearance on the tour by Paul DiMeo, best known as the carpenter with attitude on ABC Television’s two-time Emmy winning Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. Continually recalled as the show’s favorite – second to host Ty Pennington – DiMeo currently shooting the fifth season of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (Sunday at 8:00 pm ET) is particularly renowned for his imaginative work on children’s bedrooms. With boundless warmth and genuine nature, DiMeo remembers his early Pennsylvania roots and in particular how at aged five, he began his affair with home renovation after the family home burned to the ground. “My father and I embarked upon our own extreme makeover to reconstruct the family home”. Indeed, Paul’s hallmark is his deep understanding of family hardship that shines through as the show’s rugged carpenter with a heart of go.
Map | Call 888-466-3718 for more info

Greensboro NC May 16th – The tour then moves to Arizona Pete’s Country Music Saloon in Greensboro NC, hometown of both Mark McGuinn and yours truly and a central location in the Southeast to celebrate with all Nationwide Homes employees, customers and builders. As you may remember, Nationwide Homes is a subsidiary of Palm Harbor Homes and is the division ultimately responsible for building the home for the Williams family to be featured on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition on May 16th at 8 PM EST. Accordingly, this concert will be a huge celebration for all!!!!

It’s a homecoming concert for Mark McGuinn, I get to hug my Mom and Dad and Nationwide Homes gets to bring everyone together for a huge watching party of our EMHE episode. The concert will start at 6 PM with a break between sets at 8 PM to watch Extreme Makeover on the big screen. The concert will be at Arizona Pete’s Country Music Saloon at 2900-A Patterson St Greensboro, NC 27407. Tickets are $10 at the door with half the money going to the ALS Association to find a cure for Lou Gehrig’s disease or free at any area Nationwide Homes location.

Open House Promo at all Locations May 14-16

We will be hosting an Open House Promo at all Palm Harbor locations to show off our new floorplans that were inspired by the Williams home we built for the Extreme Makeover episode airing on May 16th.

Move That Bus – The Song

Nashville recording artist Mark McGuinn wrote a song inspired by the life and attitude of Jeremy Williams called Move That Bus. The song is now available. A portion of the proceeds of each song will go to research to finding a cure for ALS.

Move that Bus-the Song?

Jeremy Williams Inspires A New Hit Song To Be Released Soon

As I write this note, we have exactly 37 days, 13 hours, 37 minutes and 58 seconds until the show Extreme Makeover: Home Edition airs the story of one of the most inspiring families we have ever met. It seems like yesterday that we spent two weeks in rural central Georgia building the Williams family a new home, yet strangely, it also feels like a year ago. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about the entire experience. I miss the work. I miss the volunteers! I even miss being muddy! And I really miss the family! I have a framed picture in my office of the before and after with the rope swing threading thru both pictures – to make sure I never forget!

Our CEO Larry Keener visited the Williams family this weekend. The family is loving life – as you would imagine – despite any health issues that would sideline most of us. Jeremy is still fighting, Jacob is still smiling, Josie is still happy and Jennifer is still, well, she is still amazing! They love their new home and they were as gracious as ever – to allow Larry to visit and spend time with them during their busy weekend with the kids.

I asked Larry to sum up his visit and he said: “I walked away just really blessed and glad I had a chance to meet such a fine family. We didn’t give them a gift, it was the other way around.” What a great reminder of how we all feel!

I also have a reminder on my iPod! Huh? That’s right, Jeremy’s story spread all the way to Nashville and inspired Mark McGuinn to write and record a new song called Move That Bus. You may know Mark from his breakthrough Top Five song Mrs Steven Rudy or his song about 9/11 called More Beautiful Today. I went to high school and college with Mark and he contacted me while we were building the house and the story of the Williams family really moved him – specifically Jeremy. Mark sent me a text message and said: “How someone like Jeremy can feel blessed given the circumstances he is facing is simply awe inspiring. After reading his story, I grabbed my guitar and a few minutes later the song was done!”

I have a demo of the song and wow! I guess I have listened to it 100 times now and it still gives me chills.

He won’t give up so we won’t either
Everybody knows God loves a believer
and believe me he’s gonna see a little help from us
So move that bus

Few of us can relate to the challenges that Jeremy faces everyday. In fact, few of us really understood Lou Gehrig’s disease like we do now. Including Mark. Like most of us, he knew Lou Gehrig was a baseball player who had ALS. But he never really knew what challenges the disease presented. After learning more about it, the lyrics came alive:

Like the Iron Horse
Lou Gehrig said
I’ve had a bad break
But somehow I feel blessed

Mark has decided to use his platform to help spread the word about ALS and when the song is released, he is also giving a portion of the proceeds to research to cure ALS. He debuted the song live in concert Saturday night and it will be released for download in the next few days.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

We reached our goal because of people like you!

Maury's Top Ten Pics from the Week #2At the final hour of the fundraising campaign, we reached our goal and even exceeded it by a few thousand dollars. Again, ALL of the money we received will go to the family. Any reserves will be held to compensate for any outstanding debts the family may owe after all the gifts have been received.

We were privileged to have Robert Williams in the VIP tent at the time we received the 100,000th dollar and asked him to update the makeshift live video board we created from scraps in the construction site.

The show will air Sunday, May 16,2010 at 8:00 pm-9:00 pm EST as the Season Finale.

Aerial ViewPictures and Videos – we will be posting new pictures and videos over the next several weeks leading up to the airing of the show. The latest additions includes an aerial picture of the home that is simply stunning as well as a video interview with Jennifer’s mom soon to go live and a bloopers video of the staff running low on sleep. Once the show airs, we will publish some behind the scenes videos and pictures as well. For now check out what we have posted:

For pictures go to our Flickr account at
For videos go to our YouTube account at

Facebook – we will continue networking with everyone thru our Facebook page at

Buy a Home – now I wouldn’t be a true Marketing man if I didn’t make a sales pitch would I? 🙂 If you are considering making a housing change in the near future, visit our websites at and We will be announcing new models inspired by the Williams home very soon.

Again, thanks for making the Williams dream home become a reality!!!

Thanks Central Georgia for an Incredible Week

Our work is done, well almost. We have pictures to show you.

At the week ending party last night, Dan and I had dozens of people ask up to keep the updates coming. We’re not sure what more to say other than thank you.

Thank you to all the volunteers – you inspire us.

Thank you to the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition team – you rock.

Thank you to the law enforcement team for you did all week to keep things organized.

Thank you to the local media for helping us tell the story.

Thank you to Callaway Gardens for allowing our muddy boots in your resort.

Thank you to all the Williams neighbors – wow!

Thank you to all 1,800 employees of Palm Harbor and Nationwide Homes and a special thank you to all the employees that worked all week in Georgia.

Thank you to all the sponsors who helped make it happen.

Thank you to all the companies that donated food.

Thanks to all the builders who made it possible.

Thank you to everyone who donated money to help us reach our goal – another wow!

Thank you to all the friends and family of the Williams family – special bunch!

Top Ten Pics from the Week

As we wrap up our work, we wanted to share our favorite pictures from the week. I took 3,000 pictures, any could have made the list but here are the ten I chose:
Maury's Top Ten Pics from the Week #13
Standing here, I just knew we were going to have a magical week, I underestimated how magical.

Maury's Top Ten Pics from the Week #12
This was staged but a great picture of Dan to illustrate how much stuff he had going on at any given time. He was the quiet leader behind the scenes making sure everything worked.

Maury's Top Ten Pics from the Week #11
This was also taken at 2:00 AM – shows the round the clock effort being put into the Williams’ new home.
Maury's Top Ten Pics from the Week #10
I have worked with Dan for almost six years, I hope I never go that long again before discovering how hard working and talented a co-worker is. The Daily Updates were the highlight of my day.

Maury's Top Ten Pics from the Week #9
This picture just made me real proud to work for Palm Harbor and Nationwide Homes. Setting the home in an afternoon is just how we roll.

Maury's Top Ten Pics from the Week #8
Colleen Rogers says she isn’t in sales. Yet she asked every person who came to view the site for money. And used a paint bucket to collect it. $10,000 in cash, one dollar at a time.

Maury's Top Ten Pics from the Week #7
This picture shows how this whole event worked – volunteers working around the clock. Here they formed a chain and loaded the Williams’ belongings into the house in minutes.

Maury's Top Ten Pics from the Week #6
I’ve never been a part of something so big that we hired a video helicopter.

Maury's Top Ten Pics from the Week #5
The amount of emotion in this one picture is hard to capture on purpose. I got lucky. But it makes me really appreciate the job the editors of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition do at capturing the emotion in every show.

Maury's Top Ten Pics from the Week #4
I quit counting but this was probably the 50th time Robert Williams and his family told us thank you. The truth is, we owe the Williams family a thank you, we were the ones that were blessed by this event.

Maury's Top Ten Pics from the Week #3
I don’t have words to describe this one showing Jacob reaching up to hug Andy thanking him for the new home.

Maury's Top Ten Pics from the Week #2
This one shows Robert logging the 100,000 dollar we raised. Yes, that’s right, we hit out goal!!!!

Maury's Top Ten Pics from the Week #1
Welcome Home Jeremy and Jennifer!

In case you weren’t counting, that was more than ten pictures – I got carried away but I refuse to delete anything from this week.

Final Update – Live on Location

One Last Swing

This will likely be my last update. The home is undergoing the final touches, the crowds are rolling in and it’s almost show time. It’s been a great week to say the least.

Within 4-5 hours the Williams family will be home. I doubt life will ever be the same, for them, for all of us and definitely not for me. One short week ago, I stepped foot on the property and walked every square inch. I’ll never forget the rope swing I saw in the Oak tree in the front of the property.

It was the only “fun” thing I saw on site. I took a picture of it and I’m not even sure why.

A Short Week Ago

I wrapped it up in the top of the tree to preserve it and I’m not even sure why.

Now I know.

Today (Saturday, Feb. 27, 2010)We are at $84,000 and counting. We have a few hours to go and we need one final push. One dollar is all we need – from 16,000 more people. Please take one minute and donate, then take another minute and tell your friends. Two minutes to finalize the dream come true opportunity for a family that deserves it.


  1. Step one: Go to and click the Donate button.
  2. Step Two: Tell all your friends to donate $1.00. Start a chain email. Ask everyone you know to give just one dollar.


Now. The family will be back at 2:00 today when we give them their keys. We need to reach 100,000 by Saturday afternoon.

What else?

We will also apply the money to paying off their current mortgage on their land. We want to give them a debt free new home. ALL of the donations Palm Harbor receives will go to the family.


Who do you know that would give a dollar AND tell a friend? Send them the web address and ask them to give a dollar and tell their friends. Put it on Facebook. Tweet the world. Tell your church. Challenge your club members or sorority or fraternity. I’d love to hear from you – tell me how many friends you enlisted to help the Williams family.