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Palm Harbor Homes – BUILT IRMA STRONG!SM

When you are forced to evacuate your home and possessions to protect your life, you feel much more secure about leaving if you own a Palm Harbor home.

"Irma was the most intense Atlantic hurricane to strike the United States since Katrina in 2005, and the first major hurricane to make landfall in Florida since Wilma in 2005, 12 years before."

Irma's Destruction: September 10, 2017

Of the 659 homes in Venture Out Resort, a community in Cudjoe Key where Irma first made landfall, over 100 homes were destroyed. But not one of the 15 Palm Harbor homes in Cudjoe Key were among those that were destroyed.

Hurricane Irma’s storm center finally made landfall on Cudjoe Key in the lower Florida Keys on the morning September 10, 2017. According to the U.S. National Hurricane Center in Miami, its top sustained winds were 130 mph. In the rain-soaked hours and days ahead, Irma proceeded north through Florida and up into Georgia and the Carolina’s, leaving intense flooding, massive power outages and complete devastation and destruction in its wake. Irma was the most intense Atlantic hurricane to strike the United States since Katrina in 2005, and the first major hurricane to make landfall in Florida since Wilma in 2005, 12 years before.

Coming Home to Palm Harbor

Slowly, evacuees from the Florida Keys and the path of Irma’s devastation returned to their homes in Florida, anxious to see what Irma had left them. In the days and weeks following, we were pleased to begin hearing from many of our happy and relieved homeowners who contacted us, eager to share their personal customer testimonials of how well their Palm Harbor homes had weathered Hurricane Irma. Here are just a few we wanted to share.

Kurt and Betty Stafford's Palm Harbor home survived Hurricane Irma

Kurt and Betty Stafford, Venture Out Resort, Cudjoe Key, FL

"We live in Cudjoe Key, Florida. Our Palm Harbor home survived Hurricane Wilma, and now most recently, Hurricane Irma. Cudjoe Key, as you may know, was devastated by Hurricane Irma. However, our home received minimal damage. Just loss of roof shingles on one side, almost all skirting, and our duct work underneath the home. That’s pretty amazing strength and durability, being that Irma’s winds were 173 mph when she tore through our area. We just wanted to share our Palm Harbor customer review with you. Our house looks great & this is a tribute to the quality of homes Palm Harbor builds."

Photos: Kurt and Betty Stafford's home survived Hurricane Irma just like the other 14 Palm Harbor homes in Venture Out Resort

Howard Varner, Cudjoe Key – Venture Out Restort – FL

"We were not quite sure what to expect after the hurricane.  Our home is over 20 years old and has been through multiple hurricanes. But Hurricane Irma was a monster.  When we returned home, we were thrilled to see that the only damage was that our back porch was gone and we had lost some siding from our neighbor’s totally destroyed home.  We are very happy with our Palm Harbor home."

Jim Jones of Venture Out Resort, Cudjoe Key, FL

Jim Jones, Venture Out Resort, Cudjoe Key, FL

Someone sent us a photo of the front of our house and that looked to be intact. Then our neighbor called and told me that everything looked to be intact outside, so I asked him to check inside to check things out. After he went inside, he called us and was just incredulous. He said that we had nothing. No damage whatsoever. Even the pictures were still on the walls!

Photos: Jim Jones of Cudjoe Key, Florida and his Palm Harbor home that miraculously survived Hurricane Irma

Julie Smith, Security Guard, Venture Out Resort, Cudjoe Key, FL

"My house was one of the 100 plus homes of the 659 homes in Venture Out Resort in Cudjoe Key that was destroyed by Irma.  But all 15 of the Palm Harbor homes in our neighborhood survived Hurricane Irma.  Not one Palm Harbor was destroyed."

Marjie K, St. Petersburg, FL

"Hello, Palm Harbor – Plant City, Florida! I have wanted to write for a long time. My late husband and I bought our new home from you after a house fire in Feb 2002. Our home was called the Full House. Love it! Love it! It has been 15 years since then and I still love it today! In 2004, shortly after my husband passed away in July, we were in the midst of 4 hurricanes, Charley, Francis, Ivan and Jean. Ivan and Jean being the closest. My Palm Harbor home was so well put together that I didn’t even realize we were having a storm. I felt very secure. Now 13 yrs later with the threat of Hurricane Irma, my home was secure and sound. I had my window panels put up and barely knew a storm was there. The storm was fierce here in St. Petersburg, too. But not one shingle or siding came off. Am I lucky? Probably. But you build great homes. I tell people how much I love my home and recommend Palm Harbor Homes to everyone. I have never regretted the choice my husband and I made and I’m happy to give you a happy customer review. Thank you!"

Mike & Kara J's home, top, vs. severely damaged homes in their neighborhood

Mike & Kara J, Little Torch Key, FL

"95% + every house in our area was damaged or completely destroyed. Most houses that looked as if they had minor outside damage were completely destroyed inside by water damage due to roof, soffit and eve failures. Our house was in the middle of the damage and we have ABSOLUTELY ZERO damage inside and out. The only thing that didn’t survive was the landscaping, car and contents in the downstairs enclosure which was minimal. We had 46“ of water in the enclosure without any damage to the structure. We noticed other new Palm Harbor homes with no damage. THANK YOU FOR AN AWESOME BUILT HOME!!!!!!!"

Photos: Mike & Kara J's home, top, vs. severely damaged homes in their neighborhood


Ann Marie V

"We have been through 5 major hurricanes, in the past 15 years, and our Palm Harbor home is still standing. Thank you for building such a quality home."

Bev S, Ruskin, FL

"Kudos to Palm Harbor Homes in Plant City, Florida. We just went through Hurricane Irma in Ruskin, Florida, and no damage whatsoever! They are built strong and beautiful! Thank you so much. We did not know what we would come home to, but it’s perfect ??!!"

Dolores C, Venice, FL

"I live in Venice, Florida.  I bought a new Palm Harbor home in 2003.  I was so happy when I came back.  We had no damage at all.  Just wanted to thank you for a well built home."

Lorraine D, Lakeland, FL

"I would be happy to do a commercial for Palm Harbor Homes.  The fear that I felt was very real, actually I thought I was going to die!!!! It sounded like a freight train and the 2 semi-tractor trailers heading straight for me.  Heard it, felt it, screamed for my husband, and couldn’t believe I wasn’t airborne or dead.  I will pass this on when selling…safer than stick built!!!  Now I can add a story of my home and I survived IRMA.  Way to build a STRONG HOME, PALM HARBOR!"

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