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Hot Buying Tip  01/05/2012


donna and georgia receiving gifts from customers Enlarge
donna and georgia receiving gifts from customers

Looking for your new home is a MAJOR event in your life.

There was an artlicle years ago in a Major national Magazine that listed out the TOP 5 highest anxiety events a person goes through in life..They are as follows:

1. Birth of a Child

2. Death of a loved one

3. Marriage

4. Divorce


Wow...Building a home is listed as a top 5 event....

 There can be many moving parts in buying your new home, from Locating land to coordinating your land improvements to financing, to picking your colors to ordering your home and finally the fun part....MOVING IN! Many of our customers have more than one event going on; Some are having a new baby and need more room; some are just getting married and are looking for their new dream home, while others may be downsizing.

We know how this feels. We have been there. We know what it takes to get your home completed.

Our staff may not be the most computer savy. We don't play on our cell phones all day. And we don't know how to twitter... Our social network has to wait till we get home....BUT, one thing we are good at... is taking care of our customers....No matter what they may purchase, from Singlewides to Doublewides....and from Triplewides to Custom Modulars.

We have been called the SENIOR STAFF because our average age is over 50. And have more grey hairs than we care to mention...But I guess that is what comes from years and years of experience.

Give us call. Let's talk.



Hot News Of The Week

Watch Video of Put Our Customization Experience To The Test! Play Video

Put Our Customization Experience To The Test!

In honor of Palm Harbor's Big 40th Sale-A-Thon, we are offering up $15,000 in savings on customized triplewides here at the Factory Model Center! Located directly in front of our Austin Factory, we have years of experience building custom dream homes. Since we offer factory tours, our customers can see their dream home as it is being built. Whether you need a larger home for a growing family or you are finally buying that lake house, our highly experienced staff here at the Factory Model Center will surely find something to meet your needs, and wants. Set an appointment with us to put our knowledge and experience to the test! 

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The Evolution
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The La Belle
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The La Belle
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The La Belle
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The Gotham

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