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Hot News  12/28/2011

ALERT!! Material Price Increase Coming In Jan 2012-Don't Wait!

We have received official notice that vendors of several national suppliers of industry materials will be raising their prices starting on Jan. 3rd of 2012. National supplies of sheetrock is announcing price increases of $1.08 per POUND.

You can imagine what that relates to when you are talking about owning the heaviest built home in the industry. We use 1/2" gypsum unlike many of our smaller competitors who use 3/8" gypsum. Our homes on average are 30% heavier than our closest competitor.  This is one of the many reasons our houses have weathered storm after storm after storm - - and we can show you the amazing stories!

With the cost of materials going up we will have to increase our prices by as much as $3500 per home.

But you can avoid this price increase!!!  Here is how:

  • We have an exclusive program that allows our customers to lock in the price of the model they are looking to buy when they utilize our "Price Bond Program."
  • The program, which is called "Price Bonding," is only available for our customers who just can't buy today but will be ready to purchase their new home in the next 90 days. Maybe you have a house to sell, maybe you are waiting on income tax money for a down payment, maybe your kid doesn't start school here yet. Whatever the reason don't delay!!

If you have been looking at our website or been in to visit our store in Buda and thought you would wait until after the Holidays to start working on your dream hone - DON'T do it!  Give us a call at 512-295-7803 today and set up your appointment with one of our professional housing consultants

We are looking forward to visiting with you and saving you THOUSANDS of dollars.


Hot News Of The Week

The Staubach Enlarge
The Staubach

We are Over stocked & This home MUST BE SOLD!

We have over 8 acres of homes. We have so many homes that you could spend hours just walking around and looking at them.

BUT, that means we HAVE TO sell some that are on display to make room for the new homes coming in.

SO - Check this deal out!!

NEW DOUBLEWIDE for only $59,950!!!! That's right - just $59,950 for a brand new home!

This home has over 1568 sq   ft. It has 3 bedroom and 2 bathrooms. It is a new model.


Call (512) 295-7803 Now or come out before it is sold.

Call (512) 295-7803

Psst!!  Don't tell anyone I told you this, but if you Click Here and watch a short Video, it has a HIDDEN STAINLESS STEEL SPECIAL OFFER!!!!

Lots of land Enlarge
Lots of land
Lots of homes Enlarge
Lots of homes
Take some time to come out and view the best homes Enlarge
Take some time to come out and view the best homes
It's beautiful on our property here in Buda Texas Enlarge
It's beautiful on our property here in Buda Texas
Singlewides Singlewides Singlewides Enlarge
Singlewides Singlewides Singlewides

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