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Hot News  08/05/2017

MODULAR ON LAND!!! Hill Country Property!

exterior. 512-400-0580 Enlarge
exterior. 512-400-0580

It isn't hard to see why people love Johnson City, Texas, and are looking to build new homes there. It is quaint, relaxed, and has some of the most breath-taking views. This modular is LOADED up! High quality home on concrete foundation. Breathtaking views in Hill Country.

Get yourself a little bit of paradise. Go ahead and make your way to Johnson City. 

We are ready to help!  Give us a call at Palm Harbor Manufactured Home in Buda - (512) 400-0580!

exterior 2. 512-400-0580 Enlarge
exterior 2. 512-400-0580
backyard. 512-400-0580 Enlarge
backyard. 512-400-0580
backyard trees. 512-400-0580 Enlarge
backyard trees. 512-400-0580
front yard. 512-400-0580 Enlarge
front yard. 512-400-0580
hardie skirting. 512-400-0580 Enlarge
hardie skirting. 512-400-0580
entryway. 512-400-0580 Enlarge
entryway. 512-400-0580
living room. 512-400-0580 Enlarge
living room. 512-400-0580
living room 2. 512-400-0580 Enlarge
living room 2. 512-400-0580
kitchen entrance. 512-400-0580 Enlarge
kitchen entrance. 512-400-0580
white cabinets. 512-400-0580 Enlarge
white cabinets. 512-400-0580
kitchen walkway. 512-400-0580 Enlarge
kitchen walkway. 512-400-0580
kitchen window. 512-400-0580 Enlarge
kitchen window. 512-400-0580
kitchen space. 512-400-0580 Enlarge
kitchen space. 512-400-0580
master bedroom. 512-400-0580 Enlarge
master bedroom. 512-400-0580
master closet. 512-400-0580 Enlarge
master closet. 512-400-0580
master bathroom vanity. 512-400-0580 Enlarge
master bathroom vanity. 512-400-0580
master bathroom. 512-400-0580 Enlarge
master bathroom. 512-400-0580
one-piece fiberglass shower. 512-400-0580 Enlarge
one-piece fiberglass shower. 512-400-0580
spare bedroom. 512-400-0580 Enlarge
spare bedroom. 512-400-0580
spare bathroom. 512-400-0580 Enlarge
spare bathroom. 512-400-0580

Hot News Of The Week

Come see the Arlington today! Enlarge
Come see the Arlington today!

The Arlington! Only $74,995!! WOW!

This model is normally $96,000+ with all the options and features it carries. However, we packaged all these items in conjunction with our factory, and regional approval to allow for this one time offer at $74,995! That is over $20,000 in savings that we are giving back to you! Some of the features of this home include:

-Sliding barn door pantry 

-Built-in entertainment center 

-Deluxe master glamour bath with large soaker tub 

-Porcelain sinks with metal faucets 

-Rustic ceiling beams in the kitchen and dining room

-Recess lighting in the kitchen

-Upgraded insulation 

-and much more

This is a no-gimmick promotion and no other promotions apply. If you want a great house at a great price, you need to come in today before they're all gone! Call today for an appointment to view this home. 512-400-0580.

A beautiful living room! Enlarge
A beautiful living room!
An amazing kitchen! Enlarge
An amazing kitchen!

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