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This is a Palm Harbor Village model center.
Palm Harbor Homes 3200 Expressway 83
Donna, TX 78537
(800) 880-3412 - toll free
(956) 461-4800 - phone

Customer Reviews

This Model Center is a Customer Satisfaction Superstar

What is a Customer Satisfaction Superstar? As a Customer Satisfaction Superstar, this company-owned superstore rated outstanding in sales, service and overall customer support for the past year.

Customer reviews are important at Palm Harbor.  We are committed to customer satisfaction throughout the home buying process. Our friendly, knowledgeable housing consultants are ready to answer your questions and help you build, finance and insure your new manufactured home.  Our customer testimonials are always growing, so check back often.

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Great Customer Service!

"We have been coming to the "Valley" since 1978 on vacations to visit my in-laws who were "Winter Texans". When it came time for us to retire and go to a warmer climate for the brutal Midwest winters; it was a "no brainer" - the Texas Valley.

During our annual winter stay in December of 2008, I was told that I could no longer do Iowa winters and that it would be in my best interest to move to a warmer climate. There again, a "no brainer" - the Texas Valley. Having lived all our lives in a house, we knew we wanted something with less maintenance. We decided that a manufactured home might be our answer, as long as we could own our own lot.

The other dealerships made us feel as if we were trying to buy a "used car" or did not want to wait on us at all. But not your dealership in Donna, Texas. We were greeted warmly and made to feel welcome. They answered all of our questions (even the dumb ones) and they knew that we could not do anything until we sold our house in Iowa.

In June we sold our house and called Palm Harbor with the good news. They knew which home we were interested in and corresponded via email and phone working out the details. We arrived in the valley around July 21 and shortly thereafter, I became ill and was hospitalized. My husband went and talked to our sales person, explaining that it was imperative that we get moved in as soon as possible. Everyone got on the phone making the calls to make it happen. Within 3 days, the house was skirted, and all the utilities were connected, and your factory had made their adjustments making it possible for us to move in. I would say that our sales person went above and beyond our expectations.

Shortly after the house was set, I received a phone call from Palm Harbor in Donna, checking to make sure that everything was going properly and if I had any questions and that I should feel free to call her at any time and that she was there to help in a any ways she could. This is a service which when you buy a new house from a realtor, you do not have.

Having been in our home, for a little over a month now, I can also see the quality throughout. From the cherry cabinets down to the spacious master bath, it is quality workmanship. Words cannot express how good our experience has been with Palm Harbor in Donna, Texas. I would recommend anyone looking for a new home; take a very long hard look at this Palm Harbor dealership.

Gerry & Jackie"

Thanks Donna Team!

"I would like to thank the TEAM at Palm Harbor Homes for such fantastic service. They made this shopping experience one to remember; from the moment we walked in we got the most professional service anyone could ask for. Palm Harbor Homes does indeed hire, and train the finest quality people out there. Thank you Palm Harbor Homes for all that you have done, and thank you for following through on everything you said you would do."

Mares Hurricane Picture

Our Palm Harbor Stood Up to Dolly!

"July 30, 2008

Dear Palm Harbor Homes:

I just wanted to write you a letter to tell you of our experience with Hurricane Dolly that battered our neighborhood on July 23. Our Palm Harbor stood up extremely well losing only some skirting and roof shingles. Other homes in the areas were not as fortunate. Many homes lost their entire roofs and as a result had extreme water damage

Our electricity and phone service was out for several days. We called Standard Casualty Insurance on Sunday morning to report our damage and on Monday morning the adjuster arrived, took photos and discussed our situation. He called me Tuesday to let me know that everything will be taken care of!

We are truly satisfied with our Palm Harbor and really glad they build such a great home. Standard Casualty Insurance responded so quickly to our needs and helped us through the claims process.

Thank you!

The Mares Family."

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