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Weathering the Storm AGAIN

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Weathering the Storm AGAIN


A year ago this week, I was flying a drone over the hurricane ravaged town of Cudjoe Key FL as a man approached me to ask me the standard 212 questions people ask when someone is flying a drone.   “Yes it’s kinda hard to learn, yes I’ve crashed it five times, no it’s not the same as flying a plane, it’s like flying a small toy helicopter”…..I gave him the standard answers and I admit I was ready for him to continue his stroll.  


He had no idea who I was, so his last words stuck with me permanently….


“Such a shame all these people lost everything,” he said as he walked toward his home.  “They should have bought a Palm Harbor.” 


As you know, that lead to the discovery of 15 other Palm Harbor Homes within the Venture Out subdivision now somewhat famous for being ground zero for the massive hurricane Irma that hit south Florida last year.  


Not to be too dramatic but for me, that day is when Palm Harbor quality was no longer part of our marketing but truly part of our DNA.  I interviewed a half dozen people who credited Palm Harbor quality with saving everything that mattered to them.


In interviewing more people this week, I heard that same refrain once again.  Tom Varner owns a site built home valued at $400K and a rental/vacation home built by Palm Harbor and both were directly in the path of Hurricane Florence.  One was severely damaged inside and out and the other one only lost a couple pieces of siding.  He called Corporate to let us know his Palm Harbor home was built more solidly than his site built home. 


As the stories from Hurricane Michael are coming in from Florida, we are once again hearing the same: our homes are truly built better!



We wish no one ever had to experience these horrible storms and we also wish no one ever lost their home no matter where they bought it.  But as one family in Cudjoe Key FL put it, “we don’t trust any structure in a Cat 4 or 5 hurricane so we evacuate every time. But we sleep well the other 51 weeks of the year knowing how well built our Palm Harbor Home is.  Irma was our 3rd hurricane in this home and if you look around at our neighbors’ misfortunes, it’s easy to see why we wouldn’t choose any other home builder.” 


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