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Hot Buying Tip  07/09/2013

Sizzling Summer Sale going on NOW!!!!

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Come by this week and bring the whole family. We are having a Super Sizzling Summer Sale going on all this week. We are honoring all new customers with their choice of a new riding lawn mower or an above ground swimming pool or a stainless steel appliance pkg. upgrade in the new home or an outdoor BBQ pit for grilling up your BBQ to show off your new home. Come by and ask for one of our sales professionals and we can show you just how easy owning a new home can be. We are here waiting for you. Come by and check us out. Find out what all new Palm Harbor Home owners are bragging about. WE ARE YOUR #1 MODULAR HOME BUILDER IN SOUTH TEXAS.

YES! This is a Modular Home. WOW!!! Enlarge
YES! This is a Modular Home. WOW!!!

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Good for your Pocketbook

Owning a Palm Harbor manufactured or modular home means you will save money on monthly utilities because of its energy efficiency. Our precision construction and sealed ducts create a tight construction envelope that significantly reduces the loss of precious heated and cooled air. This means your heating and cooling systems work less to keep you comfortable, which will save you money month after month.

Register online, come in or call today for more details! 

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