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Manufactured and Modular Home Model Centers in Louisiana

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Location is Closed, Bossier City, LA  71111
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Palm Harbor Homes, Bossier City, LA
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Home to rich culture and many historic sites, Louisiana continues to be a popular state for many homeowners in the US. With a population of approximately 4.5 million people, Louisiana exemplifies diverse options for both urban and rural living.
Louisiana developed its rich sense of culture in the 18th century, when the French, Spanish, and Native American inhabited the land. Over two centuries later, that multicultural and multilingual heritage still exists and is exhibited through traditional festivals and world-famous cuisine.
Nested in the south, Louisiana boasts a cost of living that is approximately 10.10 percent lower than the rest of the country. The lower cost of living and low unemployment rate make Louisiana a popular choice for many families and individuals searching for a Louisiana modular or manufactured home in the south.
Young families enjoy incredibly strong public school systems, as Louisiana spends approximately $5,180 per student and maintains an incredible 14.8 student to teacher ratio. This is a large reason why Louisiana’s unemployment rate is noticeably lower than the rest of the country.
The GDP for Louisiana totals $213.6 billion, with the economic engine resting on the state’s principal agricultural products. These products are shipped out of the Port of South Louisiana, which is the largest volume shipping port in the entire Western Hemisphere. Tourism and events bring an estimated $5.2 billion to the state each year. Strong economic growth coupled with friendly tax brackets makes Louisiana a popular living location and a great place to purchase a modular home.
The rich sense of culture and large dose of southern hospitality are what make Louisiana such a great place to purchase a modular or manufactured home. Feel free to contact Palm Harbor Homes or one of the independent or company-owned model centers listed above to learn about life in Louisiana!

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