The Steps in Palm Harbor's Application/Interview/Hiring Process

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  1. The candidate submits their resume to Palm Harbor Homes.
  2. The resume is reviewed by management/recruiting team.
  3. If the skill set of the candidate appears to be a fit for the position, a recruiter contacts the candidate regarding the opportunity.
  4. An application is provided for the candidate to complete and return to Palm Harbor Homes.
  5. The candidate may then be directed to complete one or more online tests to assess their skill set for the position.
  6. If the results of the assessments indicate a possible match for the position, a personal interview is scheduled.
  7. If an offer is made, the candidate is hired contingent on a clean criminal background check and drug test (normally takes 2-5 days.)

FAQs and Tips:

After I send in my resume, how soon can I expect to hear from someone?

If your skill set is determined to be a possible match for the opportunity, normally within 2-7 days.

Is a resume necessary?

No. However, a completed application is required to be considered for an interview.

Is every applicant interviewed?

Not every applicant is asked to interview face to face.

How long does it take to receive an offer after an interview?

This may vary. However, the hiring manager can advise the candidate of the timeline.

If I have applied in the past, should I apply again?

You only need to reapply if your job information has changed since the initial application was submitted.

What's your dress code and what should be worn to the interview?

Our dress code varies depending on position. Your recruiter can advise.

What hours will I work if hired?

The work schedule (hours/days) will depend on the position. Weekends are required for the sales team.

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