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How Much Can I Save Yearly with EnerGmiser® Green Construction?

Our Energy Management System is designed to maximize your home’s energy efficiency through improved construction techniques and additional thermal scaling. These improvements substantially reduce your heating and cooling costs – effectively lowering the total cost of owning your Palm Harbor home all year long. A better built home simply costs less to own!

Read what our customers have to say in their own words about how much green they get back each month in their Palm Harbor homes at

City Savings City Savings City Savings
1 Tacoma, WA $10,387 10 Amarillo, TX $24,998 19 Bowling Green, KY $13,042
2 Spokane, WA $16,538 11 Dallas, TX $20,018 20 Chattanooga, TN $13,378
3 Portland, OR $16,256 12 Austin, TX $17,738 21 Birmingham, AL $15,311
4 Medford, OR $19,081 13 Corpus Christi, TX $15,494 22 Tallahassee, FL $10,353
5 Las Vegas, NV $19,126 14 Shreveport, LA $16,486 23 Tampa, FL $7,900
6 Phoenix, AZ $10,375 15 Little Rock, AR $16,253 24 Augusta, GA $17,154
7 Grand Junction, CO $18,500 16 Tulsa, OK $17,086 25 Raleigh, NC $17,162
8 Albuquerque, NM $14,818 17 Ft. Wayne, IN $18,690 26 Lynchburg, VA $17,439
9 El Paso, TX $16,642 18 Columbus, OH $20,265      

What Our Customers Have to Say About Their Energy Saving Homes

I am amazed at the utility costs of this home. We have 4 kids and a household of six. In our previous 1,900 sq. ft. home our bills came to over $300 during the hot Texas summers. Imagine how I feel now that my electric bills for our new 2,500 sq. ft. home are half of what they used to be!

Our new Palm Harbor home is beautiful. We just love it! But we were worried when we realized the cost of power was rising and we had just purchased a home more than twice the size of what we had before.

Luckily Puget Sound Energy created a Conservation Incentive Credit. If you reduced your power consumption more than 10% over the same month last year, you received a 5 cent credit for every kilowatt-hour you saved over the 10% goal. Even though it is more than twice as big as our old home, our new Palm Harbor is so energy efficient that we’ve had three months without a power bill this year and even built up credit! We have not had to pay anything!

We build GREEN and can help you with certification for various green building programs - LEEDS, NAHB, Earth Advantage and others.

* Depending on your location, it is estimated that over the lifetime of your mortgage (30 years), you can save between 26% and 43% on heating and cooling costs. This is not a guarantee because many factors determine utility expense including lifestyle and property use. Calculations are based on our most popular 1,500 sq. ft. multi-sectional home. Savings estimates are based on established local 12-month electrical heating and cooling utility costs for specific geographic areas. Utility cost may vary significantly for your area. Programmable thermostat settings are 78 degrees cooling, 70 degrees heating. Comparison is made between identical homes with minimum HUD insulation values for each zone and the addition of the Palm Harbor Energy Management System. Testing, research and calculations conducted by the Florida Solar Energy Center, University of Central Florida, Cocoa, FL in partnership with the U.S. Department of Energy’s “Building America Program.”

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