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Palm Harbor and ENERGY STAR®

Palm Harbor's collective research continues to improve and increase energy efficiency in home building.

Partners for a Better Tomorrow.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) ENERGY STAR programs and products help preserve the environment. They also save consumers money by using less energy through advanced design and construction.

Palm Harbor is proud to be an EPA homebuilding partner. Since 1997, our partnership with ENERGY STAR has highlighted Palm Harbor's dedicated focus on building energy efficient modular homes and energy efficient manufactured homes.

Just one year after entering the program, the EPA awarded Palm Harbor the ENERGY STAR Manufactured Homebuilder of the Year award*, making us the first manufactured homebuilder to receive this designation. This special commendation is awarded for achieving outstanding energy efficiency in homebuilding.

The EPA again recognized Palm Harbor in 2005. This time, we earned an Outstanding Achievement Award for building more than 300 ENERGY STAR qualified homes in one year.

In 2006, the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) recognized Palm Harbor's commitment to energy efficient construction with its Gold EnergyValue Housing Award.

In 2007, the EPA named Palm Harbor Homes as a 2007 ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year*. This prestigious award recognized us for our continuous efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by building energy efficient homes* and reduce energy costs for our homeowners.

These awards highlight our commitment to building energy efficient modular homes and energy efficient manufactured homes*. The resulting energy savings for our homeowners is another way Palm Harbor gives you more home for your money.

Energy efficient construction saves you money.

Since December 2000, North Carolina A&T University has partnered with the Building America Industrialized Housing Partnership (BAIHP) to monitor energy efficiency in two Palm Harbor manufactured homes. One of the two identical units is built standard to Housing and Urban Development (HUD) codes. The other highlights many of Palm Harbor's unique energy saving features.

Take some time to learn more about the energy savings study. Palm Harbor's energy-saving features translate into hundreds of dollars in yearly energy savings for our homeowners.

Palm Harbor is proud to work with BAIHP, the Department of Energy and ENERGY STAR. Our collective research continues to improve and increase energy efficiency in homebuilding.

We build GREEN and can help you with certification for various green building programs - LEEDS, NAHB, Earth Advantage and others.

Contact your local Palm Harbor housing consultant today to learn more about either securing an ENERGY STAR certification for your current home or about buying new energy efficient manufactured homes.

Our Green EnerGmiser® Packages

Click here to learn more about our EnerGmiser® and EnerGmiser® Plus packages and other green building options.

* Not all Palm Harbor homes are ENERGY STAR rated. Please contact your local Palm Harbor housing professional for details on ENERGY STAR availability and qualification requirements in your area. Modular homes require additional inspections that may not be available at a particular building center or home site. Confirm availability with your housing professional.

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