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Palm Harbor Homes' Gold Key Care Sets Higher Standards

Gold Key Care

Your Gold Key Care card represents our commitment to your complete satisfaction with the entire experience of becoming a Palm Harbor homeowner.

Palm Harbor Homes' Gold Key Care extends our quality process from our construction centers directly to your home site. Palm Harbor's Gold Key Care Professionals thoroughly inspect, adjust, test and finish your home to factory built home standards by our model center. And we do it quickly, correctly and efficiently.

Here are the steps of the Gold Key Care Final Inspection for manufactured and modular homes:

Exterior Inspection.

We closely inspect your home's exterior for weather-tight integrity. This includes the roof, chimney, flue stacks and vents. All doors and windows are checked for proper installation, tight seal and smooth performance.

Interior and Exterior Doors.

We adjust and balance all of the doors so they close easily and latch tightly for efficiency, privacy and security.

Factory Interior Close-Up and Trim Out.

Using original materials and our own methods, Palm Harbor's factory-trained Gold Key Technicians complete the interior of your home. Our technicians have the exact trim to match any decor.

Cabinetry Adjustments.

A beautiful and functional kitchen requires lots of easy-opening cabinets and smoothly operating drawers. Your Gold Key Technician makes any adjustments necessary to cabinetry throughout your new home. We also check all countertops for proper fit and caulking.

Interior Inspection.

The technician ensures your home is properly and completely sealed. He or she examines all floor, ceiling and wall surfaces for marring or damage. The technician also makes any necessary touch-ups or repairs needed to bring your new home to "show model" condition.

Final Detailing.

Your technician pays close attention to detail. Before leaving your home, he or she makes sure tubs and showers are clean and enclosures are properly adjusted. The technician removes shipping straps from appliances, makes sure all screens are in place and light fixtures are properly installed. He or she then sweeps the floor, cleans all countertops and removes any debris before presenting the home for final inspection.

Electrical, Plumbing and Mechanical Systems.

Each of these systems is thoroughly tested beyond federal requirements before leaving our environmentally controlled building centers. If your utility services have been connected, the Gold Key Care technician tests every system again to make certain all plumbing, electrical components, fixtures and appliances installed during construction are operating properly

Final Walk Through.

The final step is a complete walk-through with your Gold Key Care technician. The technician answers your questions and explains everything accomplished during the final phase of construction. He or she then reviews your Home Care and Maintenance Guide with you and explains your New Home Warranty.

Gold Key Care: Our Commitment to You.

Owning a Palm Harbor Home gives you the unique benefit of working with our associates from start to finish on your new home. Everyone involved in building, delivering and finishing your new home is company-trained and committed to your complete satisfaction.

Once the manufactured or modular home inspection and final walk through is complete, you will receive a commemorative Gold Key Card. Then, when you take possession of the home, you'll receive a Gold Key. These items are much more than a symbol of your new home ownership. They represent Palm Harbor's commitment to your complete satisfaction with the entire experience of becoming a Palm Harbor homeowner.

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