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Affordable Green Home Construction

At Palm Harbor, we know choosing a home that saves you money on your utility bills, provides a healthier living environment and conserves natural resources is probably high on your list or requirements, so we think there are a few things you should know.

We Have Your Green Home!

Green building focuses on creating an energy efficient envelope using renewable materials as well as providing easier maintenance, better indoor air quality, tighter ductworks, best use of space, passive solar orientation and use of less-toxic materials. There is no single rigid formula for building a green home. It requires a sliding scale approach based on the home’s site, your budget, the local climate and many other factors. But no matter what Palm Harbor home you purchase, it will be green. And we leave the choice of greener or greenest up to you.

At Palm Harbor Homes, Building Green Is In Our DNA

Since 1978, Palm Harbor has built affordable energy efficient homes with reduced utility costs and an improved living environment. Our SmartPlus building system creates a standard building envelope with increased insulation, tightly-sealed ductwork, properly sized HVAC systems and air filtration measures. Consequently, you get your green back every month in reduced utility bills.

  • Protected Building Materials – Keeping building materials inside reduces losses from theft or environmental. We use everything we buy, so you don’t pay for negligence or waste.
  • Homes Built Inside – Building in a centralized building center provides higher efficiency, greater precision and improved craftsmanship. It also significantly reduces the environmental impact of the noise pollution and erosion created from 6 to 12 months of on-site construction.
  • SmartPlus Construction – Every component we build is a system within a system. This reduces waste and increases efficiency. No wasted plumbing runs, duct runs or electrical runs. No wasted lumber, decking or sheathing. Less waste period.
  • Low or No VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) Paints and Adhesives – This improves the air quality in your home and in the environment.
  • Blower Testing – Our duct blower testing assures efficient air flow and tightly sealed ductwork throughout.
  • Recycling – Unlike traditional site-built construction which contributes more than 60% of landfill waste, we rigorously sort, reuse and recycle. You don’t pay for our waste.

Building Affordable Homes In Every Shade of Green

  • EnerGmiser and EnerGmiser Plus - Want Greener or Greenest? It’s easy with our EnerGmiser and other green option packages. Our exclusive EnerGmiser energy management packages are available on most homes and can lower your utility costs by approximately 30%*.
  • ENERGY STAR®, NAHB, LEEDs and More - Palm Harbor Homes can build your home to nearly every local or national green building standard. Please ask your local building center or housing consultant for more information on customizing your home to your chosen level of green.

What You Can Contribute to Building Green

  • Passive Solar Positioning – Setting your home on a north-south axis allows it to benefit from passive solar gain and provides significant savings in heating and cooling costs.
  • Square Footage and Volume – Carefully consider your real square footage needs for heating and cooling.
  • Water Efficiency – Capture, store and reuse rainwater for landscaping needs. Make sure your site is graded properly to conserve this resource.

* When compared to homes built to the 1993 standard energy code.

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