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Manufactured or Modular Home Construction

Modular and manufactured homes represent the best of all building systems.

Knowing What's Right for You.

One of our most commonly asked questions is, "What's the difference between a manufactured home and a modular home?" The truthful answer is, "Not much - if you build with Palm Harbor Homes." With Palm Harbor, both building methods feature the same Palm Harbor Homes SmartPlus Construction process. Palm Harbor's manufactured and modular homes are both built to our exacting standards in environmentally protected building centers. We build our modular homes and manufactured homes to meet or exceed the appropriate building code.

The following information explains the differences between modular and manufactured homes and should help you decide which building method is best for you.

Practical Differences

Manufactured Homes

  • Typically offer a larger footprint for the home
  • Home-only mortgage available (so land is not tied up)
  • More square footage for the money
  • Home can be relocated
Details on Manufactured Homes

Modular Homes

  • Architecturally allow for more design freedoms
  • Unlimited placement or deed restrictions
  • Cost per square foot is slightly more
  • Opportunity for higher appraisals, if necessary
Details on Modular Homes

Modular and manufactured homes represent the best of all building systems. Our SmartPlus Building System guarantees either building method is a great choice. Many Palm Harbor homes can be built to either code with the same demanding building system and specifications. This assures your well built home is a sound investment. And it guarantees your new home will provide the lifestyle you deserve for many years to come.

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