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Palm Harbor Factory Tour Videos

Would you like to learn more about our homes and our factory-built construction method? Our video library is just the place to start looking for the information you need. Watch as much or as little as you like. You can get a degree in manufactued and modular home construction from the comfort of your own at your own schedule. Come back often as we do add new videos from time to time.

Our factory tour

See Our Factory Tour Video

Suppose you were asked to name something made in a factory. You might have thought of … let's face it, just about everything is built in a factory. Is this the way your computer was built? A vehicle is probably one of your biggest investments. Suppose it was built this way. Not very likely scenarios, are they? But if I asked you what is the most expensive thing you might buy not built in a factory, you'd probably name … right, a home. Your home? See how our homes are built in factory. Read the Factory Tour video transcript. Click Here To See This Video

How to buy a home

How to Buy a Home

The video helps you understand the home buying process when you buy from Palm Harbor Homes. We will also talk about the terms used in the real estate and finance industries. Our goal is to make you a better shopper when you are looking for your dream home, to make you better informed about the financial decisions you’ll be tackling and to help you know just what to expect along the way. See our video on how to buy a home. Read the How To Buy video transcript. Click Here To See This Video

More Home for Your Money

Owning a Palm Harbor manufactured home or modular home means your home will be beautiful and built with the highest quality construction materials and craftsmanship for strength, durability, energy efficiency, value and peace of mind. In short, you get “More Home for Your Money” with a Palm Harbor home built with SmartPlus construction.

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