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9 Steps to Your New Palm Harbor Home

Building a new home can be a confusing, anxious experience. With this in mind, we have put together a simple guide to help explain the 9 steps involved in building a Palm Harbor home.

1 Site Selection.

The first step in the process is selecting a home site. Palm Harbor will gladly help you locate the perfect site using our many local resources. We can help you find a site that suits your budget and lifestyle.

2 Site Inspection.

The site inspection process allows us to determine if the chosen site is appropriate for the home you want to build. It also allows our professionals to get a clear understanding of the onsite amenities you would like to add (decks, sidewalks, wells, etc.)

3 Systems Test and Inspection.

Once initial construction is complete, Palm Harbor factories move your home to a separate testing area. Utilities are connected and our Quality Inspectors complete a long list of requirements to check every appliance and system. This checklist includes testing pressurized water and gas lines, the electrical system, drains and the duct system. Our Quality Inspectors also check all windows and doors for correct operation. We even run the dishwasher.

4 Transportation.

A professional driver delivers your new Palm Harbor home to your site in a timely manner. Reliable delivery with proper placement is one of the most important steps in the home set-up process.

5 Home Installation.

After completing the foundation and delivering your home to the site, Palm Harbor associates supervise the process of securing your home to its foundation. Our professionals make sure your home meets or surpasses all mandated local regulations.

6 Home Preparation.

Once your home is secured to its foundation, Palm Harbor prepares for the final construction phase. We make sure your home is level and secured with systems surpassing even the manufacturer's specifications (if required by your state or authority having jurisdiction.) Proper installation ensures the safety and durability of your new Palm Harbor home.

7 Factory Trim Out Process*.

Once your home is secured on your homesite, a company-trained Factory Trim Out technician inspects, adjusts, tests and finishes the home to model center specifications. The technician, whether an employer or a contractor, starts by closely inspecting your home's exterior, including the roof, chimney, flue stacks and vents for weather-tight integrity. All doors and windows are checked for proper installation. He or she adjusts and balances all doors so they close easily and latch tightly. The technician finishes the interior trim. He or she makes any necessary adjustments to cabinetry throughout the home and inspects all countertops for fit and caulking. Our technician makes sure your home is properly sealed. If the utilities have been connected, the technician will test your electrical, plumbing and mechanical systems for proper operation. The technician will also make sure all tubs and showers are clean, all screens are in place, shipping straps are removed from appliances and all light fixtures are installed. He or she also cleans up and removes debris before presenting the home to you for final inspection.

8 Final Inspection.

After your Factory Trim Out technician completes final detailing, your home is ready for final inspection. During the final inspection, we make sure everything is working up to your highest expectations. You will meet with your Factory Trim Out technician and he or she will provide a quality assurance checklist. The technician will go over the checklist with you, explaining everything accomplished during the final phase of construction. The final inspection is not complete until you are 100% satisfied.

9 Move In.

After the final close with your mortgage company, you will receive your certificate of occupancy. The move into your new dream home begins. While moving in, you'll have complete peace of mind, knowing you're backed by a 5-year protection plan and a commitment to complete customer satisfaction from the best company in the industry: Palm Harbor Homes.

* Factory Trim Out process applies only to homes built by Palm Harbor, Cavco or Fleetwood factories. Homes supplied by other manufacturers are finished out in accordance with their requirements.

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