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Weathering The Forces of Nature

Since Palm Harbor began building homes in 1976, we have relentlessly focused on one thing. Giving our customers “more home for their money.” An important part of this is building a strong, durable home that provides peace of mind for home owners.

Over the years, when extreme forces of nature have struck an area with a concentration of our homes, thankful Palm Harbor homeowners have shared with us how their homes weathered the storm.

As their homebuilder, these stories are a great source of satisfaction for us. We are proud to know that the homes we build have protected so many over the years. It also spurs us on to continue to find ways to improve the strength and durability of our homes.

Norm and Betty Bunn's Palm Harbor Home survived Hurricane Charley

Norm and Betty Bunn's Palm Harbor home surviving 2004's Hurricane Charley amidst destroyed homes by competing brands

Homeowner Peace of Mind

Ron and Karen Nichols' modular Riviera model after Hurricane Michael

Ron and Karen Nichols' modular Riviera model was the only home rated inhabitable for nearly a mile between 14th and 15th Streets in Mexico Beach after Hurricane Michael hit in October 2018.

Although we never want anyone to be forced to endure such an extreme force of nature, we know from experience that many will. Please, always follow weather-related warnings and evacuations for you and your loved ones.

And if you ever have to evacuate your home and possession to protect your life, you can feel much more secure about leaving if you own a Palm Harbor home.

If you would like to ream customer stories of homes that have weathered the storm, here are a list of some of our favorites. Just click through for more information.

Palm Harbor Homes Weathered These Storms

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