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What Makes a Palm Harbor Home Strong Enough to Weather the Storm?

modular home setupAt Palm Harbor, we build our manufactured and modular homes in centralized building centers and then transport them at 55mph down the freeway to our homeowners’ home sites. Then, the home sections are often lifted by crane and swung into place.

To ensure that our homes endure this transport stress and still deliver superior energy efficiency, 100% customer satisfaction and the strength needed to endure destructive weather, our homes must be designed, engineered and built to a higher standard. Consequently, our homes typically weigh significantly more than same-sized site-built home. And the differences are in the details.

Here are a few examples:


1) Engineering

Each of our manufactured and modular homes is engineered for maximum strength, energy efficiency and wind zone protection, typically exceeding state and Federal building requirements.

2) Advanced Adhesion Techniques

Advanced Adhesion Techniques

Conventional site construction relies on nails and screws to provide strength. We add a third for superior strength - industrial adhesives. By combining these, our homes are stronger and better prepared to take on the stress of transport and the natural elements.

3) Superior Structure Assemblies

Superior Structure Assemblies

Our roof-to-wall and floor-to-wall assemblies combine the strength of adhesives, nails, screws and galvanized steel straps. This multiple-step strapping process keeps the structure of the home intact during strong winds, helping to prevent leakage.

4) Exterior Sheathing

Exterior Sheathing

Sheathing in the floors and walls of each home section provides a solid construction envelope for transport strength and for the life of your home. Site-built home builders often sheath only portions of the exterior.

5) Secure Structures

Our manufactured and modular home structures are screwed and strapped to permanently attach them to the home’s foundation. Our proven home set procedures provide a strong foundation for your home against hurricane-force winds.

Since 1979, more than 100,000 families have trusted Palm Harbor Homes with their safety. It is a trust we do not take lightly. The strength we build into each of our manufactured and modular homes is one of the most important ways that we provide “More Home - and More Peace of Mind - for Your Money.”

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