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Weathering Hurricane Charley

For a stronger, more weatherproof home, choose Palm Harbor.

"Charley was the Second-Worst Hurricane in U.S. History."
-Insurance Information Institute

Hurricane Charley Press Reports-
August 13, 2004

In Punta Gorda, just two days after the storm, Federal Emergency Management Agency director Michael Brown said over 11,000 people had applied for disaster aid.

On August 16, 2004, USA Today reported that authorities estimated Charley caused as much as $11 billion in damage.

Yet, with all this devastation, success stories about the incredible survival rate of Palm Harbor's homes began circulating. Homeowners directly in Charley's path happily shared their experiences of returning to undamaged Palm Harbor homes standing in the midst of Charley's devastation.

Richard and Judy Selle Richard and Judy Selle

"A Palm Harbor home is the top of the line in manufactured homes. They pay particular attention to any part of the structure that might be damaged in a storm. I would definitely invest in another Palm Harbor home. They came out after the storm and investigated some of their engineering and said they're going to go back and make them even better. So the fact is the home stood up and is going to be better yet. I guess Palm Harbor is the only home to buy."

Norm and Betty Bunn Norm and Betty Bunn

"When we returned to our community after Hurricane Charley, we were pleasantly surprised. Even though our community was devastated, our Palm Harbor home withstood the hurricane and is in perfect shape. It was just a delight. The neighbors came by and said, 'What did you do right?' We told them, 'I think we chose the right home...a Palm Harbor home.'"

Bill and Joan Cox Bill and Joan Cox

"We were in Budapest when our Palm Harbor home was hit by Hurricane Charley. When we got back we found our home in fine shape. We're living just like we did before we left.

We have friends that bought a home in Punta Gorda Isles. It's a cement block stucco site-built home and they sustained quite a bit of damage. They told me just a day or so ago that they wished they would've purchased a home here. Unfortunately, they didn't."

Tom and Carol Trakas Tom and Carol Trakas

"Before we purchased our Palm Harbor home, we conducted a little research. It seemed to be better built than the competition. It was supposed to withstand 130 mph winds, but it withstood far more than that. I just can't say enough good things about our home, how it was built and how it reacted to Hurricane Charley."

Bob and Carol Clements Bob and Carol Clements

"Our Palm Harbor Wellington model went through Hurricane Charley with winds of about 160 mph and the house stood up beautifully. Its solid and even better than they said it would be."

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