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About the myPalmHarbor Watch Account

Our myPalmHarbor Watch Account is a personalized tool to help you find the right home at the right price without all the hassles and endless hours of searching the internet.

Q: Is the myPalmHarbor Watch Account free?

A: Yes. It is free.

Q: What can I do with the myPalmHarbor Watch Account?

A: Here's how the myPalmHarbor Watch Account can help you:

  • Keep tabs on a Model Center in your area - When you watch a model center, you will get an email whenever that location adds a new listing, changes prices, sells a home or adds a video or new photos to a listing. You will also get alerts for sales events at the model centers on your watch list.
  • Keep tabs on a specific home or land - When you watch a home or land, you will get emails about price changes, photo or video additions as well as notices when the homes or land you are watching are sold.
  • Maintain your information - You can edit your information and your watch lists at any time. For the model centers on your watch list, you can choose which items to be notified about. These items include move-in ready homes, display homes, land available, sales events and hot items.

Q: How can I sign up for a myPalmHarbor Watch Account?

A: Look for the "Watch This" button!It's simple. Just look for the "Watch This" button throughout our website. You may find it on Move-in Ready Homes, Land Available, our company-owned Model Centers, and our Clearance Website. The first time you click on a "Watch This" button, you'll see a simple sign-up form that you can fill out and immediately start your watch account.

Q: Will my information be safe?

A: Absolutely! We respect the privacy of every individual visiting our website and recognize that protecting the privacy and security of the nonpublic personal information we collect about you is an important responsibility. For details, please refer to our Internet Privacy Statements.

Q: How can I close my watch account?

A: Anytime you no longer want to be notified of special events or changes to the locations on your watch list, you can log in to add or remove locations or close your watch account.


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