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Committed to Your Satisfaction

Exceeding your expectations has been part of our mission from the beginning.

Palm Harbor Homes was founded on the idea that we would "Build and sell customers' dream homes that exceed their expectations." Over the years, we have continued to make this our focus. As a result, Palm Harbor has earned an exceptional customer referral rate.

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We listen to our customers.

At Palm Harbor Homes, we don't just talk about satisfying our customers. We ask each and every one of them if they are satisfied. A third party agency contacts each Palm Harbor homeowner after they have settled into their new home to ask them if they would recommend us to their friends and relatives and if they are satisfied with their home and home building experience.

The Gonzales family's Palm Harbor home

The Palm Harbor team did a fantastic job on our home.

We enjoyed showing off the house during the combination high school graduation, Iraq homecoming, 87th birthday party and housewarming we just hosted. This home is an excellent example of the quality product Palm Harbor builds.

— The Gonzales family, Texas homeowners

I am very impressed with Palm Harbor factory, the quality of construction and the materials used.

After building 3 homes of my own, I did not see anything at Palm Harbor that I could improve upon. We now know more than ever that we made the correct choice.

— The Peenstra family, Florida homeowners

Discovery custom homes deliver the best quality at the best price.

No stick built or modular homebuilder comes close to Palm Harbor's standard.

— Jessica Cleland, Alabama homeowner

The Fraser family's Palm Harbor home

...We have been married for 24 years and this is the first winter I've ever seen my wife walk around in the house in winter with her shoes off.

Must be something to do with the quality of our new Palm Harbor home.

— Ed & Kerry, Washington homeowners

Thank you for making our dreams of home ownership come true.

After four years of shopping to find the best home builder, Palm Harbor's helpful, knowledgeable staff made the purchase and construction of our new home easy and virtually stress free.

— The Derrenbacher Family, South Carolina homeowners

The Bradley family's Palm Harbor home

Buying a Palm Harbor home is one of the best decisions I've ever made.

The quality of both the home and Palm Harbor's people is exceptional.

— The Bradleys, Texas homeowners

I have always bought site-built homes and I can honestly say that this home is so superior it would be foolish to compare the two.

The standard features with this home would cost thousands more on a site-built. My electric bills dropped at least 30% from my similar square footage site built home to my new Palm Harbor home. The quality and craftsmanship of the home exceeds my expectations.

— Tony & Debby Palmiotti, Florida homeowners

Every time I talk to someone about my home, I am sure to let them know the quality of both my Palm Harbor home and the service I received.

— Carol Kennedy-Bain, Texas homeowner

We are grateful for the excellent service and attention received from Palm Harbor Homes associates.

The experience of buying and owning a Palm Harbor home has been well beyond our wildest expectations.

— Bob & Maryann Kaul, Texas homeowners

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